The Only Goal for The Rest of The Season is to Win the Team

Volleyball monster Kim Min-jae (21) is back. He showed off strong speed, blocking and accurate serve, leading Korean Air to two consecutive wins.

Korean Air beat KB Insurance 3-1 in the set score of the match held at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon on Wednesday. Having suffered two wins and two losses against KB, which is currently the lowest ranking, Korean Air managed to catch up with Woori Card by garnering three points for the first time in a long time.

Middle blocker Kim Min-jae did a good job. Kim, who had maintained the warm-up zone through the second set, started the game in the third set with a score of 1-1. He attempted five attacks and made four. Kim Min-jae played a significant role in the match. Kim Min-jae continued his performance in the fourth set as well. He scored only two points in attack, but added serve aces and blockers to score four points. He scored eight points in just two sets of the match, the most by a player in this season.

Kim has emerged as a key player, scoring 234 points in 31 matches in his second year as a professional player. Given that he started volleyball in earnest from high school, he has grown rapidly. However, he was injured while serving as a member of the national team during the off-season, and since the opening of the season, he has failed to start due to competition to become a starting member of the national team. He played in only six matches before the opening of the season, and only scored six points at the most.

“I haven’t played many games so far, but I think it’s good to be able to help our team when it’s not good,” Kim said. “Although we haven’t played many games, it wasn’t difficult to keep up with blocking because our training is as if it were a real game. I’m getting help from good setters.”

Kim Min-jae has good jumping and elasticity, but has short ball power. “I know I lack serve, second-speed connection, and next movement, so I thought, ‘One day, I will have many opportunities’ while practicing that part during training,” Kim Min-jae, who scored as a sub-score in the game, said, “My team practiced the second stadium well because I played fast during our team’s practice. (The sub) also hit the net, but I am satisfied.”

There was warm encouragement, too. Just like Kim Min-jae, he is Lim Dong-hyuk who entered the professional league after graduating from high school. “Dong-hyuk really encouraged me a lot. I talked a lot about good things over a drink, and it touched my heart. Since then, I have worked out at night and practiced serving separately,” Lim said.

“We both graduated from the same high school, and it is easy for a senior to tell a junior,” Lim said. “Minjae started this season poorly and got hurt in the national team, so he missed the opportunity in the beginning.” Middle blockers also did a great job.” “Minjae was more successful than me. During Minjae’s annual leave, I couldn’t even play. It’s good for Minjae to be greedy, but you shouldn’t overthink it. You don’t know what will happen under what circumstances. I told him that the time will come when he can play.”

There are many regrets, but Kim Min-jae only looks at one thing. It is Korean Air’s fourth consecutive loss. To do so, it has to win the fierce battle for the regular league standings. “I have no personal goal left. I really want to win the regular league title,” Kim said. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

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