Toronto Blue Jays Guerrero Jr. – Moved to Yankees

“I am willing to follow any decision my team makes, including a trade. I will help any team that needs me.”
An interview with Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (25), the starting first baseman for the Toronto Blue Jays of the Major League Baseball (MLB), is becoming a hot topic.

On the surface, it doesn’t seem like anything special, but if you look at the relationship between Guerrero Jr. and the New York Yankees, it’s close to a bombshell statement.
Guerrero Jr. recently answered questions about the trade in an interview with Virus Deportivo, a South American media outlet active in the U.S., and major local media such as and ESPN reported, “Guerrero Jr.’s feelings have changed.”

Interview with Toronto Blue Jays Guerrero Jr.

Guerrero Jr. said in the interview, “I haven’t forgotten what I’ve said about the Yankees in the past, but this (trade) is a business.”
He added, “I recently talked about this with my family.”

Toronto’s franchise star Guerrero Jr. has had a bad relationship with the Yankees.
In an interview with Dominican Republic media in November 2022, Guerrero Jr. said, “I like playing in New York, but I don’t want to be a Yankees player,” and “Even if I die, I won’t go to the Yankees.”

At the time, Guerrero Jr. performed exceptionally well against the Yankees, a rival team in the Eastern Division of the American League (AL), and he revealed this as transfer rumors swirled around him.
Guerrero Jr.’s father, former MLB player Vladimir Guerrero Sr., was shunned by the Yankees when he qualified as a free agent (FA) in the past, and as a result, Guerrero Jr. is said to have had bad feelings toward the Yankees. It was known.

This remark became known as a quoted report in the local media, and Yankees fans booed Guerrero Jr. every time he played away to the Yankees.
Guerrero Jr. continued his bad relationship with veteran first baseman Anthony Rizzo of the opposing team during a game against the Yankees last year.

Guerrero Jr. continued to criticize the Yankees without hesitation.
The reason why Guerrero Jr., who had been showing a sharp attitude toward the Yankees, suddenly changed his stance is because the atmosphere in his team, Toronto, is subtly changing.

Yankees looking for first baseman – subtle recruitment drive

Toronto, which has invested a huge amount of money in recruiting players in recent years, is suffering from its worst performance this season.
Toronto recorded 35 wins, 43 losses, and a winning percentage of 0.449 as of the 25th, falling to last place in the AL Eastern Division.

They are 16.0 games behind the first place Yankees.
Recently, they fell into a 7-game losing streak.

The chances of advancing to the postseason seem slim.
Local media believe that Toronto, which has given up on its performance this season, may offer Guerrero Jr., who will become a free agent after the 2025 season, for trade.

Meanwhile, the Yankees are focusing on reinforcing their first baseman as their starting first baseman, Rizzo, recently left the team due to a fracture in his right arm.
ESPN raised the possibility of a transfer, saying, “The young Guerrero could be a great help to the Yankees’ batting lineup.”

However, Toronto general manager Ross Atkins recently dismissed questions regarding Guerrero Jr.’s trade as “nonsense.”

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