Tottenham isn’t over! SON, will play UCL next season

Will Son Heung-min and Tottenham Hotspur play in the UEFA Champions League next season? Betting companies predict Tottenham’s final ranking as fourth.

The score 90 of the soccer content production center released its expected Premier League ranking for this season based on the dividend rate of Bet365 which is a global betting company on the 16th . With Manchester City expected to become the league champion, Tottenham said it could win the Champions League next season as it ranked in the top four.

Currently, the Premier League is in fierce competition to win. Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal are in the midst of a three-way race. Manchester City is leading the league with 73 points 22 wins, 7 draws and 3 losses, while Arsenal and Liverpool are closely trailing with 71 points. Arsenal are in second place in terms of goal difference than Liverpool.

However, Manchester City, which has recently taken the lead, has the highest chance of winning the championship. Manchester City has a 68 percent chance of winning the championship, according to the score of 90. In contrast, Arsenal stood at 19 percent and Liverpool at just 13 percent.

There is one more place where competition is as fierce as the championship competition. It is the fourth-place competition to qualify for the Champions League next season. The competition between Tottenham, where Son Heung-min plays, and Aston Villa is hot.

Currently, Villa is in fourth place with 63 points 19 wins, 6 draws and 8 losses, three points ahead of Tottenham with 60 points 18 wins, 6 draws and 8 losses. They are also three goals ahead of Tottenham in goal difference, so even if they are tied for points, they are still in an advantageous position over Tottenham.

Villa are also in an advantageous position on the schedule. Tottenham will play six consecutive games of hell, starting with the North London derby against Arsenal, as well as Chelsea, Liverpool, Burnley, Manchester City and Sheffield United. Villa, on the other hand, will face Bournemouth, Chelsea, Brighton, Liverpool and Crystal Palace in the remaining games. Despite the fact that they have a schedule in the UEFA Europa Conference League in the middle, their opponents in the league are clearly easier than Tottenham’s.

If Tottenham fails to secure as many points as possible in the remaining games, it will be fifth behind Villa and qualify for the Europa League in the 2024-2025 season, not the UEFA Champions League.

There is hope. There is still an additional berth for the Champions League, which is given to the fifth-ranked team in the UEFA association. England is still lagging only slightly behind Germany 16.750 points, which is ranked third 16.750 points, and the ranking may change depending on the performance of each association’s clubs in the European competition.

However, it is unclear whether Tottenham will be able to beat Germany, so in order to qualify for the Champions League on its own, Tottenham must somehow secure fourth place to avoid complicated cases.

However, it is still too early for Tottenham to give up its Champions League ticket. According to Score90, gamblers expected Tottenham to finish the season higher than Villa. Both teams had less than a 1% chance of winning, but Tottenham was above Villa. 안전놀이터 추천 Gamblers believed that Tottenham could continue its race for fourth place.

A lot of attention will be paid to the future schedule whether Tottenham will actually be ranked fourth and get their hands on next season’s Champions League qualification or be satisfied with the Europa League without going beyond Villa.

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