Will “Shock Return” Be Made In Six Months

Will an unexpected return be made.

Spanish media “Sport” reported on the 26th, “Coach Carlo Ancelotti asked Real Madrid to re-introduce Karim Benzema.” According to the media, Ancelotti misses Benzema and has asked President Florentino Perez to sign him on a short six-month loan.

Benzema was one of the leading strikers in Europe until last season. He has long been a leading goalie for Real Madrid based on his outstanding scoring ability and sensible connecting play. Since joining Real Madrid after leaving Olympique Lyon (France) in 2009, Benzema has scored 354 goals and 165 assists in 648 matches.

Later, Benzema suddenly moved to Saudi Arabia ahead of this season. Al Itihad lured Benzema with his astronomical salary, and eventually Benzema chose to go to Saudi Arabia.

This season, Benzema is showing off her level of performance at the RT Hard. She has scored 12 goals in 20 matches in all competitions. However, she suddenly expressed dissatisfaction with Saudi Arabia’s environment, and rumors are rising that she will return to Europe.

Naturally, Chelsea and Arsenal began to show interest in recruiting Benzema. Even at the age of 36, he is still considered to be capable of being successful in Europe.

Rumors of Real Madrid’s return also surfaced. If Real Madrid re-involved Benzema, it would be a huge boost. Real Madrid has been passive in reinforcing the forward line since Benzema left. It wasted time focusing on recruiting Kylian Mbappe. As a result, midfielder Jude Bellingham is struggling to score the most goals in his team, while Hosselu from Espanyol has been showing signs of ups and downs in his goal-getting ability. 사설토토

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