World Class, which was about to return to injury, is virtually out of the season

Thibaut Courtois, who was about to return to injury, fell again.

“According to today’s test, Courtois has been diagnosed with rupture of the medial meniscus in his right knee. The injury occurred during the training process today and will continue to be monitored,” Real Madrid said in an official announcement on its website on Tuesday .

It takes about three months for the meniscus to completely recover. Courtois is virtually out of the season and his participation in Euro 2024 is uncertain.

Belgian goalkeeper Courtois made his debut after growing up with KRC Genk. Shortly thereafter, he joined a big club. In 2011, Chelsea invested 8.95 million euros about W13 billion to recruit Courtois, who gained experience on loan from Atletico Madrid.

After returning to Chelsea, Courtois became a world class player. With outstanding physicality, animal reflexes and fantastic super save, Courtois led Chelsea’s goalkeeper. He also won the Premier League PL, 2014-15, 2016-17, the English FA Cup 2017-18, and the English Football League Cup 2014-15.

However, he did not accompany Courtois long. After receiving a love call from Real, Courtois openly expressed his intention to move. Eventually, Real invested 35 million euros about 50.9 billion won to recruit Courtois. This is a whopping amount of money that remains seventh in the history of goalkeeper transfer.

It peaked at the Santiago Bernabeu. According to the soccer statistics channel “Transfermarkt,” only 219 goals were conceded during the 230 games since his joining the Real Madrid team. He played a whopping 91 clean sheets.

Courtois, who was doing well, collapsed ahead of the opening of the season. During pre-season training, he suffered a terrible injury called an anterior cruciate ligament rupture. It was all the more regrettable because he continued to grow without any major injuries throughout his career since his professional debut.

Courtois, who was about to return to the ground after recovering for a long time, was hit by a meniscus this time. There was even news that he left the training site in tears.

Courtois is also uncertain about his participation in the Euros as well as his out for the season. Courtois will start rehabilitation again. 토토사이트

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