All-Star Fan Vote #25, Kim or Lawson

Kim Sun-hyung or Dedrick Lawson are the only candidates to miss out on the All-Star Fan Vote.

The KBL All-Star Fan Voting is coming to a close. There are less than three days left.

Fan voting, which began last month on the 27th, will determine the 24 players who will play in the All-Star Game.

Right now, there’s a lot of competition around the 24th spot, which is the cutoff for the 스포츠토토 All-Star Game.

This makes it interesting to see who will be left out.

As of 8 p.m. today, 25th place is Dedrick Lawson with 78,788 votes.

Lawson was 85 votes behind 24th-place Kang Sang-jae at 12:00pm on the 15th, but is now 257 votes behind.

Given this, it is possible that Lawson will not be able to move any further up the rankings and will remain at #25.

However, given the voting trends over the last three days, it’s possible that Kim will finish in 25th place before Lawson.

We projected the final number of votes from the vote count as of 12 noon on the 15th.

Here’s how From 12:00 PM on the 15th to 12:00 PM on the 18th, there are exactly 3 days left until voting ends. To account for this, we added the votes from the last three days, from 12:00 pm on the 12th to 12:00 pm on the 15th, to the votes as of 12:00 pm on the 15th.

We then projected the final vote by adding the votes from the last three days.

In this case, Sunghyung Kim drops to 25th place with 88,012 votes. In 24th place is Kim Jong-kyu with 88,029 votes. Lawson, currently ranked 25th, could reach 90,327 votes.

Kim’s ranking was 18th at 12 noon on the 15th, but it dropped to 21st at 8pm on the 15th. His ranking continues to decline.

In the predicted votes, Lee Kwan-hee was overtaken by Choi Sung-won and dropped from 26th to 27th place, but she actually dropped one spot to 27th place, behind Choi Sung-won, as of 8:00 pm on the 15th.

It is analyzed that LG fans are focusing their votes on Yoo Yoo-sang and Lee Jae-do, who are in a close race for the top spot, rather than on Lee Kwan-hee, who has no chance.

Six players from DB (Kim Jong-kyu, Kang Sang-jae, and Didrik Lawson) and three from SK (Kim Sun-hyung, Ahn Young-joon, and Jamil Warne) are also in the hunt.

The 25th spot could be determined by the choices and focus of the fans of both teams. If fans of both teams are active in voting, Ha Yoon-ki, who was only 28 votes away from Kim Sun-hyung in the final projections, could drop to 25th place.

We look forward to seeing the final results of the 22-day All-Star Fan Voting.

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