Angels Laughing, Otani There’s No Reason to Compromise Future…” Dodgers expected to invest $600 million, but…

“The Angels have become a laughing stock. There is no reason to compromise Otani’s future to finish something.”

Dodgers Way, which specializes in the LA Dodgers, ordered the Dodgers to be cautious about recruiting Ohtani Shohei (29, LA Angels) on the 11th. Recently, Clutch Point analyzed that the San Francisco Giants, not the Dodgers, were the top players in the recruitment of Otani, signaling a fiery competition between the Dodgers and San Francisco.

Dodgersway pointed out that in this situation, it is necessary to think about Otani and the Angels’ moves. Otani announced a pitcher’s season-out due to an ulnar ligament injury in his right elbow after Game 1 of the doubleheader against the Cincinnati Reds on August 24, and has also not played since the Oakland Athletics match on August 4 due to side pain.

However, the Angels announced the return of batter Ohtani against the Seattle Mariners on the 12th. Coach Phil Nevin recently said that Otani wants to play as a batter, but the club has stopped him, and he will decide when to return to the batter. A week passed in a “Day to Day” state without registering the injured list.

In the end, I don’t intend to force him to play, but I didn’t even declare a “batter season out.” Regarding this situation, Dodgersway said, “Otani has already played 135 games. Even if I step down from the ground this season, I will be the MVP. His drive and motivation are admirable, but the Angels have become a laughing stock. “There is no reason for Otani to compromise on the future to finish something,” he said.

The Angels’ advance to the postseason has virtually been thwarted, and the fact that Ohtani will be the MVP remains unchanged, so is there any reason to let Ohtani play as a batter. Although his side condition may have improved, Dodgersway pointed out that the risk to Otani’s health has increased anyway.

“Otani’s insistence on playing has further raised concerns about his health in the long run,” Dodgersway said. Why squeeze money into the lost Angels season. What is the point of this. He appears to be doing everything he can to undermine his values.”

In short, I don’t understand Otani’s move. Moreover, the Dodgers have recently made reasonable and cautious investments, such as signing a one-year contract with Clayton Kershaw (LA Dodgers), who has health issues. Dodgersway pointed out that it is necessary to check this situation related to Otani and the Angels, not to say that the Dodgers should not start recruiting Otani.

Dodgersway said, “The Dodgers’ view of Otani may not have changed, but you need to wonder why Otani is putting himself in danger for his health. “The Dodgers expect to invest $500 million to $600 million in Otani,” he said.

Dodgersway’s argument is reasonable. There is a reasonable doubt that the Angels will now return Otani to the batter because it is beneficial to make him play at least one more game in terms of business and marketing. Even if Otani says he will return as a batter, it is normal for the club to stop him. 스포츠토토

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