Big new things are coming to Las Vegas soon

Las Vegas news starts with a new attraction opening soon. There’s also a cool new Vegas hotel coming up, a big car race to the strip, new rules on marijuana consumption, and new ways to get around town. Not to mention next week’s Global Game Expo.

First, the Global Game Expo is held in Las Vegas in a little over a week. I will attend Gambling Week this week, and I will be shooting video clips at the venue. You can come and say hello or collapse the set at any time. Anyway, it’s Vegas, baby.

Next, we’re going to talk about marijuana. Nevada is one of the states where cannabis is legal within certain restrictions. However, opening a legal cannabis consumption lounge is making Las Vegas news. Those lounges may open before the end of the year. Some have already opened.

Also, the Madison Square Garden Entertainment Spherical structure, or MSG Spare, is being constructed adjacent to Venice. If you have not heard of it or noticed it in your visit, it will be over 500 feet wide and 360 feet high, covered with more than 1 million fully programmable LED panels. It will be a 580,000 square foot theater with 160,000 square feet of packed high definition footage.

Formula One racing will also kick off next year in the form of the Las Vegas Grand Prix! Scheduled to take place on Saturday, November 2023, the race car will pass through hotels and casinos at speeds of more than 200 mph. 슬롯

With Moon World Resort launching a $5 billion hotel and casino project, an exciting new hotel will also decorate the Vegas skyline. The resort is planning a lunar model that is 735 feet high and 650 feet wide and can accommodate 4,000 rooms. This is something we have to see to believe.

Lastly, the Vegas Underground Loop is old news in Las Vegas. But in the near future, this growing network of tunnels will cover an area of about 35 miles! When completed, there will be 55 stops! Construction of the Vegas Loop downtown will begin sometime next year.