Concluding Yacht Schedule…Get 1 gold, 2 silver, and 2 bronze

The yacht team, which participated in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, finished their schedule with one gold medal, two silver medals and two bronze medals.

Six yachts scheduled to be held at the Nipo Xiangshan Sailing Center in Zhejiang Province on the 27th were not held due to local weather conditions.

According to the Korea Yacht Association, it was impossible to proceed with the yacht race due to weak winds around the stadium. Based on the results of the race until the previous day, the winners of the six events that will be held on the day were also decided.

South Korea participated in a total of 10 events and won a total of five medals at the event.

Cho Won-woo (Haeundae-gu Office) won the only gold medal. Cho Won-woo of Windsurfing RS:X confirmed his victory early on the 25th after completing 12 races in this competition, which consists of a total of 14 races.

Cho Won-woo also participated in the 13th and 14th races on the 26th and showed overwhelming performance, ranking first in both races.

The organizing committee officially recognized Cho Won-woo’s gold medal on the day when all yacht events were completed.

As a result, Cho Won-woo, who participated in the Asian Games for the first time, became the last RS:X class winner of the Asian Games. RS:X will be excluded from the official event after this tournament.

Ha Ji-min (Haeundae-gu Office), who was aiming for the fourth consecutive gold medal at the Asian Games, had to be satisfied with the silver medal in the single-seater dinghy yacht.

Ha Ji-min sought to turn the tables through a medal race on the medal race. However, as the medal race did not take place due to the weather, winning the gold medal for the fourth consecutive time was canceled.

iQFoil’s Taehoon Lee (Boryeong City Hall) also won a silver medal. At the Jakarta-Palembang Games five years ago, Taehoon Lee, who competed in RS:X, changed events and won medals for two consecutive tournaments.

Kim Ji-ah and Cho Sung-min (Busan Metropolitan City Hall) in the 470 event also collaborated on the bronze medal, while Lee Young-eun (Buan County Office) added a bronze medal in the women’s kite boarding event, which was first adopted as an official event. 스포츠토토

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