Women’s Basketball in Crisis, the Turning Point to Make in the Asian Games

Jeong Sun-min, coach of the women’s national basketball team.

There is no place to back down.

The South Korean women’s basketball team, which has been rumored to be “crisis rumors” such as weakening international competitiveness, will begin its journey at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. It is a stage that needs to prepare a “turning point” to shake off the recent sluggishness and start a new start.

The women’s basketball team, led by head coach Jeong Sun-min, will face Thailand in the first Group C match of the women’s basketball tournament at 2:30 p.m. on the 27th at the Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium in Hangzhou, China. After that, they will face off against the North-South match on the 29th and Taiwan on the 1st of next month to determine whether they will advance to the quarterfinals tournament.

Women’s basketball has won the Asian Games four times. China won six times and Japan won two times, respectively. Korea’s last victory was at the 2014 Incheon Games. At the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Games, he formed a unified Korean team and won a silver medal. Coach Jeong Sun-min suggested the goal of ‘going to the finals’. First of all, they will go to the final stage and compete head-to-head in China or Japan to determine the color of their medals. If women’s basketball reaches the final of the Asian Games, it will be the fourth consecutive time following the 2010 Guangzhou Games silver medal, the 2014 Incheon Games, and the 2018 Jakarta and Palembang Games.

In order to head to the finals, they must first pass the group stage gate. Overall, the prevailing assessment is that it is an easy group formation, and the North Korean match against the second match could be a variable. Five years ago in a unified team, now they have to face each other as an enemy. It is known that the 2m5cm tall center is located while the power is thoroughly covered by the veil. As the competition is held in China, the specificity of the North Korean national team, such as motivation, cannot be ignored.

There is simply no place to retreat after advancing to the tournament. In the end, they must overcome teams challenging for gold medals such as China and Japan. Not only Park Ji-soo, but also all the players, including Kang Yi-seul KB Kim Dan-bi, Park Ji-hyun Woori Bank Lee So-hee, Jinan BNK Jihyun Shin Hana One Q, are important. In particular, many predict that the performance of the guard will be an important key.

South Korean women’s basketball team players.

Park Ji-soo of the Korean women’s basketball team.

There is a particular reason why women’s basketball’s performance at the Asian Games is particularly important. This is due to the recent sharp decline. In particular, Jeong Seon-ho ranked fifth in the FIBA Women’s Asia Cup. It was the first time that Korea failed to advance to the semifinals since the tournament was founded in 1965. Women’s basketball even missed the final qualifying round for the Paris Olympics as it finished fifth. This is why rumors of a crisis are raised along with concerns about the international competitiveness of women’s basketball.

If they achieve satisfactory results at the Asian Games, women’s basketball can set the stage for a rebound. There is no significant international competition for the time being due to the elimination of the Olympic qualifying round, but it can make up for the disappointment of fans and change the atmosphere recently toward women’s basketball. The opening of the new season could be an important variable for the upcoming women’s professional basketball. This is why Jung Sun-ho, who only performed poorly in the last Women’s Asia Cup, should feel “responsible.”

KBSN commentator Ahn Deok-soo said, “The group league has no choice but to be concerned about the match against North Korea.” There are big men over 2m, and they may have the so-called Hungry spirit or unique concentration in the peculiarity of China, he said. “However, our players are also in good shape as they have been in a lot of condition through the Park Shin-ja Cup.” If you think it’s an important game and play against it, I think you’ll get a good result. If they reach the quarterfinals as the top of the group, they will eventually meet either China or Japan around the semifinals, so I think the semifinals will be the most difficult part of this tournament. “If we overcome a difficult game in the semifinals, I think it will lead to a good result in the finals.”

Ahn then said, “Park Ji-soo will do well in this competition, and Kim Dan-bi is very skilled. However, it is important what kind of performance the guard players will perform in the front across the offense and defense. Young players are not just young players anymore, they are now representing the WKBL. We need to grow into a reliable resource with responsibility. “We were sluggish in the last Asian Cup, but I hope we can play well at this Asian Games and finish women’s basketball once again with a tournament that makes turning points,” he added. 토토사이트

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