Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas adds charity to slot donation program

Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas is proud to announce that guests will have the opportunity to donate to four new charities represented by the Giving Module Program for the rest of 2019. The new charities are the Nevada Humane Society, Safe Nest, Project 150 and Peters Village.

The Cosmopolitan’s Giving Module Program, the first of its kind on the streets of Las Vegas, kicked off at a resort in late July. Since its introduction, the Giving Module has raised nearly $12,000 in first-quarter operations alone for its first founding charity, Shade Tree, Village of Opportunity, Three Square Food Bank, and Team Rubicon. The revolutionary program allows visitors the option of donating slot profits to one of four preselected non-profit organizations when redeeming slot ticket vouchers at the casino’s 12 ticket-exchange kiosks. 100% of the raised donations go to the charity of their own choice. If visitors choose not to donate, they will receive slot profits directly from the kiosk. The average donation per individual was $0.38, with 11% of visitors choosing to donate.

The Cosmopolitan is dedicated to maintaining social consciousness through their ongoing charitable efforts at the resort including its dedication to the veteran community in Las Vegas. In just under four years, the resort has hired more than 625 veterans and military spouses. Employees in all departments within the resort have worked together to positively impact the lives of military members and their families. A testament to the resort’s charitable giving efforts, The Cosmopolitan’s culmination of efforts produced more than $1.68 million in monetary donations in 2018 and scored 100% on Human Rights Campaign “Best Places to Work.” 파워볼사이트 추천

Organizations interested in benefiting from The Cosmopolitan’s Giving Module program can apply online to be considered for donations through Casinos Care. Through this program, The Cosmopolitan further continues its reinforcement of charitable giving with special focus on support of the military and veteran community, diversity and inclusion, physical and intellectual health, learning and student enrichment, and food and hunger relief.

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