Daegu, Brazil’s FW Edgar Renews One-Year Contract

Brazilian striker Edgar, a foreign striker representing Daegu FC in the K League 1 along with Cesinha, will renew his one-year contract.

Daegu announced on Sunday that it has decided to sign Edgar for one more year until 2024. Daegu made achievements in the first year under Choi Won-kwon, its official coach, after joining the Final A team in the 2023 season, and decided to keep Edgar, who has played consistently in Korea in order to stabilize his team’s capacity to advance to the AFC Champions League (ACL) next year.

Edgar signed with Daegu in June 2018 after playing for Buriram United in Thailand. Edgar, who succeeded in a soft landing by scoring eight goals in 18 games after playing for six months in his first season, solidified his position as Daegu’s target striker by scoring 11 goals in 24 games in the 2019 season, 5 goals in 16 games in the 2020 season, and 10 goals in 32 games in the 2021 season.

However, he left Daegu only with one goal in five games due to his injury in the 2022 season. He suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon in an ACL playoff game at the beginning of the season, and when he was put on the operating table and was confirmed to be absent for a long time, he briefly returned to Brazil through termination of his contract with Daegu.

He scored nine goals in 34 games when he renewed his contract with Daegu this year after successful rehabilitation. Although the number of goals this year may not seem sufficient, critics say that he has excellent combination play with Cesinha, the best foreign striker in the K-League, who has good personal skills and activities.

Cesinha uses Edgar’s postplay as a goal or a threatening move.

The Daegu club said, “Edgar has shown good performance as the core of the attack since joining Daegu, and he has excellent leadership,” adding, “We look forward to writing a new history next season with Edgar, who has played in important games.”

Edgar, who has been with Daegu for another year, said, “I will give everything I have next year,” adding, “I am grateful to the Daegu fans who always support me, and I will do my best to give you greater joy and happiness.” 사설토토

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