Is the myth of the compensation player real?

Is the myth of the compensation player real?

KIA Tigers sidearm Im Ki-young, 30, had his best season since his debut in 2023. He switched from the starting rotation to the bullpen and went 4-4 with three saves and 16 holds in 64 games with a 2.96 ERA. He was the highest earning pitcher on the team. This means that he contributed more to the team than any other pitcher.

Played 82 innings in 64 games. Had a lot of multi-inning starts. He pitched up to four innings. There were 29 games of one inning or more. In 14 games, he pitched two or more innings. He was an every-call winner. The starting pitchers lacked quality starts. Without Lim in the middle, the KIA mound would have collapsed.

He made a great contribution by transforming from a starter to a bullpen pitcher and taking a lot of heat, so he can pick the Daldidan fruit. I’m also interested in the size of the salary increase. As the No. 1 pitcher in the league, his salary increase is likely to be high. Im’s annual salary this year is 110 million won. With a 100% increase, he could easily break 200 million won.

Lim Ki-young is a free agent compensation player.

He joined Hanwha in the second round in 2012 and gained first-team experience in 41 games until 2014. He enlisted in the military before the 2015 season. 온라인카지노 At the time, Hanwha didn’t put Lim on the protected list as they signed free agent Song Eun-beom from KIA. As a military enlisted player, it was a natural move, but KIA designated Lim as a compensation player.

The idea was that even if he couldn’t play right away, he could help the team in the future when he was discharged. The expectation was correct. He entered the starting rotation in 2017. Led by his cascading changeup, he went 8-6 with a 3.65 ERA, including two complete games. He pitched 118 1/3 innings. He was a key part of the team’s Korean Series victory.

He’ll remain a starter through the 2022 season. In 2020, he was close to 10 wins, but an infield error prevented him from reaching the milestone, and in 2021, he topped 153 innings for the first time. In 2022, he went 4-4 with a 4.24 ERA and 129⅓ innings pitched. He was limited as a starter, as he faltered in the fifth inning.

After spring training and exhibition games in preparation for the 2023 season, Kim Jong-kook assigned Lim to the bullpen. Rookie pitcher Yoon Young-chul took his place as the fifth starter. After six years as a starter, Lim needed a change and a challenge. It’s hard to pitch in the bullpen three to four times a week. There are many times when you can’t even get on the mound to warm up.

However, he stuck with it and did his part.

At first, he was a one-plus-one long man, going three innings or more. As the season progressed, his pitches became more varied. By the time the batting order rotated, he was the strongest pitcher. He was 2-for-7 against righties. He was even worse against lefties, with a 1.172 ERA. It was a struggle, but he found his groove.

Lim’s big payday won’t stop there. After the 2024 season, he’s set to make a killing. He will be eligible for free agency after 13 years as a professional. Of course, we don’t know how he’ll perform next year, but if he performs like he did this year, he’ll get a very generous free agent contract. He’ll only be 31 next year. I don’t think you need to ask him about his offseason preparation. He’s about to show us what the myth of the free agent bargain basement player really is.

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