Despite The Injuries To Kubo And Mitoma

Although key players are missing, it is the most winning team in the Asian Cup. It won the last warm-up match ahead of the Asian Cup finals.

Japan will have a showdown with Jordan at the final rehearsal for the 2023 Asian Football Confederation AFC Qatar Asian Cup on Tuesday. The match was held as a closed-door evaluation match, and when I opened the lid, I found that the score was overwhelmingly 6 to 1.

Japan and Jordan showed good performance. Recently, Japan surpassed Germany and Turkiye in an away friendly match in Europe and is on a nine-game winning streak, including the second qualifying round for the FIFA North-Central U.S. World Cup. Jordan upped the mood by defeating Qatar, the host of the Asian Cup, 2-1.

However, the team was overwhelming in terms of overall performance. The Japanese team went to Itakura in the 14th minute of the first half and Keito Nakamura in the 19th minute of the first half. Jordan made an own goal in the 32nd minute of the first half and mixed with luck, while Takumi Minamino shook the net in the 45th minute of the first half to run away with a four-goal gap.

It overwhelmed Jordan in the second half as well. There was no goal from the beginning of the second half, but Takuma Asano scored at the end of the second half. Jordan lost ground in the second half when it lost points. Japan continued to pour cold water on Jordan’s pursuit with Madea Dijen, the J-League’s top scorer. Jordan had to avoid losing 0 with a comeback just before the end of the game.

Japan won in an exhibition match just before the Asian Cup and secured 10 consecutive wins. Starting with an exhibition match against El Salvador 6-0 win in June last year, it defeated Peru 4-1 win, Germany 4-1 win, Turkiye 4-2 win, Canada 4-1 win, Tunisia 2-0 win, Myanmar 5-0 win, Syria 5-0 win, and Thailand 5-0 win.

During the 10-game winning streak, the team garnered tremendous points of over three per game, making it one of the best teams in Asia. During the 10-game winning streak, the team scored 45 goals, but lost six goals. It is overwhelming considering that the team had showdowns with powerhouses in Europe and North and Central America during the 10-game winning streak. If the team narrows its record to Asian teams ahead of the Asian Cup, it has garnered five goals in all of the recent four games.

Qatar, the host of the Asian Cup, is predicting Japan to win the title. Japan currently ranks 0th as the most likely Asian Cup champion.

However, the team cannot fully operate its power this time. Key strikers Takefusa Kubo and Kaoru Mitoma cannot be utilized.

Mitoma had three goals and five assists in 17 Premier League matches, and had no goal and one assist in six UEFA Europa League matches this season. In addition, he accumulated attack points in competition to become the starting member of the Japanese national team. He had one goal at the match against Colombia in March and one assist at the match against El Salvador in June. In the match against Peru that followed, he scored one goal and one assist, helping his team win 4-1 in Japan.

However, he sustained an injury during the season. Coach Brighton de Gervi said, “He is unlikely to play for up to six weeks. Chances are high that he will not be able to play in the Asian Cup,” but Japanese coach Moriyasu Hajime has decided to field him in the second round. He is recovering faster than expected in the group stage, but he can use it in the knockout stage.

The same holds true with Kubo. He is not 100 percent in good condition. He injured his left thigh just one week before the opening of the Asian Cup. He is expected to join the Japanese national team to recover from his injury and wait and see when he will play. Since he displayed the best performance including the Player of the Month award in this season’s Primera Liga, it is a fatal departure for the Japanese national team.

Meanwhile, the perennial rival is seeking its first championship in 64 years. “If we have a final matchup against Japan, it will be a special matchup,” Klinsmann said. “Dutch and English were rivals during the German team, while Mexico was the U.S. team. We understand the specialness of rival matchups. Japan is an opponent that we can meet in the Asian Cup. We want to see them in the final. We are constantly monitoring Japan’s matches. Of course, the same goes for other Asian Cup teams.”

There is a possibility that a match between Korea and Japan will be held. If Korea and Japan go up smoothly, they will face each other in the final. Or, if one of the two teams advances to the tournament as second place in their group, they may meet in the round of 16. Korea and Japan have never met in the Asian Cup final. The most recent showdown was in the semifinals of the 2011 tournament. They lost 0-3 in a close match in the shootout after a 2-2 tie. 메이저사이트

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