ERA 12 points → Two-run shot allowed against LG

Ko Wooseok, who signed with the San Diego Padres in the Major League, is adding to the coach’s concerns with repeated slumps in exhibition games and special games.

The San Diego Padres won 54 in a special game against the LG Twins in the MLB World Tour Seoul Series 2024 at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 18th.

San Diego, which also won 10 against Team Korea the previous day, finished the special game in a good mood with two wins and prepared for the official Major League opener against the Los Angeles Dodgers on the 20th.

The hero was Kim Hasung, the “awesome Kim” who returned to the Gocheok Dome. He started as the fifth shortstop, fired a tworun shot against LG’s starting pitcher Lim Chankyu in the second inning, and then met Jung Wooyoung in the sixth inning to hit a tworun shot. After seizing the win, San Diego sealed its victory with Fernando Tatis Jr.’s timely RBI single in the first and third bases loaded in the seventh inning.

Starting with Dylan Seas’ one hit one homer and two strikeouts and one run in two innings, which he joined through a trade, Matt Waldron one run in three ⅓, Adrian Morehorn one ⅔ scoreless, Randy Vazquez one scoreless inning, and Ko Wooseok two runs in one inning were in charge of the mound.

Ko was in charge of closing the game in the ninth inning with a 52 lead over LG, but gave up a tworun shot in the leftcenter field against Lee Jaewon, a pinch hitter, with one out and one on the first base due to Park Haemin’s heavy hit. He failed to trust the manager in special games after posting 12.46 ERA six earned runs in four ⅓ innings in five exhibition games.

The following is a questionandanswer session with San Diego manager Mike Shildt.

Kim Hasung’s performance stood out

He did a better job than I thought. He played a good role, so I was able to play well. After hitting his first home run, the pitchers supported him, and he hit his second home run after that, so he did a really good job.

How do you think Kim Hasung overcame the burden at a time when attention was focused on him

“Kim Hasung is a professional. And he is very humble. He is doing his best every day. As a professional, he plays well with his teammates and focuses on his own play. Like this, he produced a good result with a home run.

What did you think of Dylan Seez’s pitch

I was able to confirm that he recruited a great pitcher with great shoulders. He has a lot to show. Throwing more than two innings could be a burden after a long journey, but he did a great job after hitting the first one. I look forward to it. Since then, Waldron threw a good knuckleball. It was a good ball.

The defense was solid

The defense has been excellent in the last two games. It was the same today. There was a good throw and showed good play. I was able to defend the flying ball well. I defended well cleanly.

I think Ko Woo Seok’s home run may have made him worried 메이저사이트

Ko must have wanted to do well, too. Still, the good news is that he is constantly warming up. Ahead of the opening series against Dodgers, he will continue to agonize over his roster.

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