Everton “10 points off the pace”…Man City + Chelsea “relegated to the second tier” on the horizon

The shock Everton punishment has been announced, and Manchester City and Chelsea are in even more dire straits.

The Premier League (PL) secretariat announced the punishment via its official channels on Sunday, saying that “Everton’s points will be deducted by 10 points with immediate effect for breaching the PL’s profitability and sustainability rules.”

Everton began to be investigated for violating the PL’s financial regulations. The investigation found that Everton had incurred losses of £124.5 million ($168.7 million) over a three-year period, when the rules prohibit losses of more than £150 million. The excessive losses resulted in an ex post facto sanction, with a severe penalty of 10 points deduction.

After Everton’s announcement, it was Man City and Chelsea who were on edge. “Pursuant to League Rule W.82.1, the PL Secretariat announces that it has referred Man City’s alleged breach of the League Rules to the Committee pursuant to Rule W.3.4,” the PL Secretariat announced in February.

According to reports, the PL Secretariat has been investigating City for the past four years, and the investigation has uncovered a whopping 115 alleged financial violations. The PL’s own independent committee has already been set up to investigate the allegations in more detail. “City could face a range of sanctions, including points deductions and expulsion from the league, if the allegations are proven,” said Martin Ziegler of The Times at the time.

Chelsea is facing allegations of match-fixing under former owner Roman Abramovich. Reports have surfaced that a company owned by Mr. Abramovich paid money owed to the club on his behalf.

If Chelsea is found to have cheated, a severe punishment is also expected. “If there is evidence that the club used third-party transactions to evade profitability and sustainability rules, the sanction will either be a fine or a point deduction,” says Kieran Maguire, a soccer finance expert. The latter is more likely, as those investigating Chelsea’s situation want to deter other clubs from copying their behavior.”

While the investigations into City and Chelsea are ongoing, the expectation is that Everton’s punishment will be just as severe. Stefan Boson, a lawyer who has worked with City in the past, said: “Everton’s 10-point deduction seems very harsh. However, it reinforces the point that if City are found guilty and Chelsea are found guilty after being charged, the sanction for both clubs could be relegation.”


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