‘First ejection of the year’ SSG coach Kim Won-hyung “I was so engrossed in the game that I went too far”

SUWON (Yonhap) By Jang Hyun-koo Reporter = SSG Landers manager Kim Won-hyung, who was ejected for the first time this year, blamed himself, saying he was “immersed in the game and went too far.””I didn’t intentionally try to get ejected, but I went too far yesterday,” Kim said before the team’s game against KT Wiz at Katie Wiz Park in Suwon on Wednesday.Kim was ejected in the eighth inning of the previous day’s game against KT after complaining that the first base umpire didn’t call KT’s Kim Sang-soo’s swing as a swing.The KBO secretariat announced on Wednesday that it had issued a warning to Kim for talking back to the umpire and protesting vehemently even after he was ordered to leave the game.”In the U.S., managers get ejected a lot,” Kim said, and then commented, “You seem to be showing a lot of interest because it doesn’t happen very often (in Korea).”Kim recalled that he was ejected twice during his career for incidents involving his close friend, LG Twins battery coach Park Kyung-wan.During a game between the Ssangbangul Raiders and Hyundai Unicorns, Kim, who was playing for Ssangbangul, allegedly threw a threatening pitch to the back of Park, who had moved to Hyundai after eating a pot of rice.Throwing retaliatory pitches to opposing batters at the behest of managers, coaches, and senior players was not uncommon in any country.He also shared an anecdote about a time when he and Park were back on the battery at the SK Wyverns, and an opposing pitcher hit him in the side of the head and he immediately retaliated by throwing a pitch from the mound and was ejected.Retaliating to protect a teammate is one of the unwritten rules of baseball.Even Kim, a gentleman of refined manners, has his moments.Since becoming the last manager of SK in 2020 and the first manager of SSG, which took over SK in 2021, he has received a red card at least once a year.In 2021, he was fined for shoving an umpire in the chest after being ejected for protesting a strike-and-ball call.In June last year, he was also sent off for protesting a strike-and-ball call.


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