French Casinos Set To Reopen

The announcement by the President of the Republic and the details provided by the Prime Minister today are encouraging for the field of culture and leisure. The swift resumption of these activities during this festive period is essential not only for the well-being of our fellow citizens but also for the economic activities of several cities in France.

This must, of course, be within the framework of applying the strict health protocols required by health authorities. While respecting the government’s new measures, the professional union “Casino de France” has worked on this spirit to support and enable such a reopening.

Since the first wave of COVID-19, casinos have been the first to enforce strict health protocols (wearing masks, using plexiglas, frequent disinfection, etc.) since June 2, and their applications have been very strictly enforced by the services of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Casinos have not deplored the lack of causes of pollution in their facilities.

Today, they are ready to go one step further in protecting their customers and collaborators. Mandatory enforcement of GDPR-compliant access controls, including limiting the number of pre-registered customers, increasing the frequency of disinfection, promoting digital tools such as “TuanticoVid,” and recommending temperature measurements at the entrances.

One of the key factors driving the dynamics of the local economy where casinos are located is allowing casinos to reopen. They represent 15,000 direct jobs and 45,000 indirect jobs, generating 1.4 billion euros in taxes each year, including 400 million euros for communities.

Finally, it should be noted that the recent period of administrative shutdown has unfortunately led to the proliferation of places or online sites of illegal activity games without controlling addiction, health rules, or traceability of funds.

The situation is getting worse because casinos have worked closely with the administration for several years and are fully involved in addiction, protecting minors and preventing money laundering. Therefore, reopening our facilities quickly will also be a relevant approach in terms of health and public order. 슬롯사이트

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