The crazy player of “Spring Basketball” this year

In spring basketball, the myth that “crazy players” should be let go was valid again this time. Bench members’ power determined the outcome of the playoff between Busan KCC and Seoul SK, which drew attention as a showdown between the KBL super teams.

KCC, led by head coach Jeon Chang-jin, won 99-72 in the second round of the 2023-2024 professional basketball playoff against Seoul SK at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Seoul on the 6th. KCC, which has won two consecutive games following the first game 81-63 wins on the 4th, will have only one win left to advance to the semifinal PO, which is awaited by the regular league champion Wonju DB. In the previous round of 6 playoffs, the winner of the first and second games reached the semifinals at 100%.

The highlight of the day was Jung Chang-young in the third quarter of the tight seesaw game. Jung proved why he is the player that KCC needs with 2:10 left in the third quarter when KCC donated 58-60 to reverse the game. Jung Chang-young made a bold breakthrough and got a goal-scoring foul against Song Chang-yong under the basket.

Jung Chang-young, who completed a “three-point play” with a calm free throw, showed his presence in defense a minute later. With KCC losing 61-62, he blocked Oh Jae-hyun’s quick attack with an offensively foul. If he had given up a run, the flow would have turned into an opportunity to attack. Jung also gave an assist to another Sixman, Calvin Jeffrey Epistola, for a three-point shot, bringing the flow to KCC. It was the foothold that enabled KCC to win the game by a 27-point margin in the fourth quarter.

Jung Chang-young’s record on the day was six points and four assists. Although his performance may be humble compared to other key players who scored in double digits, Jeon explained that his performance was not lacking in nutritional value. It was natural because KCC, which had weak bench section, stole the opponent team’s flow.

KCC formed the main players of the national team Choi Jun-yong, Heo Woong, Song Kyo-chang, Lee Seung-hyun, and Ra Gun-ah last summer to form a power called the KBL version of the “Super Team,” but the bench became thin due to the limitations of the salary cap.

In particular, Jung Chang-young almost wore a SK uniform when Choi Jun-yong, who became a free agent FA, left SK and joined KCC. At that time, SK could choose either Choi Jun-yong’s compensation player or compensation because it considered Jung Chang-young as a compensation player.

As for SK, Chung hit the pinnacle of his career as a basketball player, SK highly appreciated his ability to help his team with abundant experience and defense capabilities. SK ultimately chose compensation 1.1 billion won instead of compensation player. At the time, it seemed reasonable, but it became a painful choice as Chung was reborn as a crazy player at an important juncture in the semifinal PO.

Jung is dreaming of a splendid PO finale against SK, which did not take him. He is committed to finishing the third game at home. “I met SK in the round of 6 last season and lost three games. I didn’t expect to meet SK in the round of 6 again, but I want to take revenge this year,” he said with a big smile. “Many fans visited for the two games in the away match. I will finish the game at home by showing a great performance in Busan in the third game.”

If Jung Chang-young becomes a crazy player in the rest of the game according to his determination, he may bring “Miracle,” which symbolized SK last season, to KCC. Basketball’s interest this spring is how far KCC’s relentless march, which began with a blue rose containing the words of a miracle, will go. 릴게임

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