Phillips is currently on loan from Manchester City to West Ham United

Will Calvin Phillips return to his parents’ home.

“Phillips is currently on loan from Manchester City to West Ham United. However, West Ham will not be fully recruited in the coming summer. Phillips is expected to return to Manchester City after the end of the season,” the U.K.’s “Football Insider” reported on the 7th.

“A source said pro-Riz United would need huge amounts of money to sign Phillips. There could be salary-related issues,” he added. “Manchester City would want between 30 million pounds (W51.3 billion) and 40 million pounds (W68.4 billion).”

After growing up in Leeds, Phillips made his debut as a professional in the 2014-15 season. He helped his team advance to the Premier League by winning the English Football League Championship (EFL Championship, second division) in the 2019-20 season. Phillips was highlighted as a key player in Leeds’ midfield and a contributor to the promotion.

Phillips continued to display stellar performance in the PL stage as well. He displayed robust activities, solid defense and sharp connection, drawing keen attention to the spotlight. Phillips has also been selected by the England national team led by Gareth Southgate, which has further boosted his stock price.

The next destination was Manchester City. In particular, his performance at the UEFA Euro 2020 was the main focus. Pep Guardiola succeeded in signing the contract as a result of constant love calls. Phillips wore the No. 4 jersey number worn by legendary Vincent Kompany.

However, expectations turned into disappointment. Phillips was out of the team’s roster for a long time due to shoulder injury early in the season. He suffered from controversy over being overweight after the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Guardiola openly displayed frustration.

As a result, Phillips left for West Ham on loan. However, it is still a shame. Despite being given the opportunity under David Moyes, he has not been able to show the same performance as before. 스포츠토토

Consequently, rumors have been raised that he will return to his former club. Leeds, who earned 49 million euros (71.8 billion won) from Phillips transfer, is not a losing business, but his players have changed from then on. In addition, another stumbling block is the salary issue that has increased. The future course of Phillips will be determined after the end of the season.

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