Fruits & Clovers: 20 lines Online Slot

Fruits & Clovers: 20 lines is a juicy slot featuring a combination of lucky clover stacks, which are Wilds, and stacks of fruit symbols ripe for the picking. Will you be lucky enough to strike it big among these classic slot icons?

The 96.51 per cent RTP of Fruits & Clover is solid. This is the sort of figure you would hope for from a modern slot, even if it comes with the normal caveats about slots not coming with guaranteed wins. Medium variance is also a welcome sign, as it suggests a slot balanced between risk and reward that should appeal to all but the highest rollers.

How To Play Fruits & Clovers
It looks simple and it is simple to play, which is just how we like it:

There is a small ‘i’ button that can take you straight to the paytable, where you can see not only every gleaming symbol but also its value. You will see all the available paylines and a few simple instructions on the second page.
Next to the info button, you will see a display with your current credits. If you want to keep that number at a reasonable level, you will need to budget accordingly. Set a loss limit that you won’t pass, whatever happens, and a single win limit where you will be happy to walk away.
Your budget will also affect how large a bet you are willing to place. There are three ways to adjust your bet: click on the current bet display to reveal all possible bet levels, use the up and down arrows to shift it up or down one rung at a time, or go to the max bet button to head straight to the top.
Two less essential but still useful settings are volume and quickspin, which can be found to the bottom right of the screen. Click the speaker to mute or unmute, or hover to reveal the sliding meter. Use the gear button to open an on/off toggle for quickspin, which makes the reels turn faster.
You can click the big glossy spin button and feel the thrill as the reels start to turn; alternatively, if you know you want to play for a while and are certain about your settings, you may prefer the smaller button next to it, which opens the autoplay options.
You start with a number of spins between 5 and 999. There are also advanced settings whereby you can include your loss and single win limits as stopping points. This means the game will stay under your control even if you walk away. 스포츠토토
However you play, make sure you have fun and don’t forget to take breaks every so often to keep your head clear.

Bet & Win Sizes
When you open your bet options, you get a reasonable but not extraordinary bet range that starts with a 0.20 minimum and can be increased up to the 100.00 maximum.

This slot has a dynamic paytable, which means that the values displayed on the bet table will adjust accordingly every time you change your bet. If you are starting from the 0.20 minimum, the prize for three, four or five matches across a payline will be as follows:

Orange = 0.10, 0.30, 0.90
Cherries = 0.10, 0.30, 0.90
Lemon = 0.10, 0.30, 0.90
Grapes = 0.20, 0.60, 1.60
Watermelon = 0.20, 0.60, 1.60
7 = 0.20, 1.00, 3.60
Clover wild = 0.50, 5.00, 15.00
Star scatter = 1.00, 4.00, 80.00

Fruits & Clovers Bonus Features
One sometimes disappointing thing about a classic themed slot is the tendency to minimise the bonus features. Fruits & Clovers takes this to the extreme, without a single free spin, multiplier or bonus round. The closest it gets is the wild symbol, which can act as a substitute for others, and the scatter symbol, which pays from anywhere.

Some might appreciate the simplicity; however, if you would rather push the luck of the four-leaf clover a bit further, perhaps try the Rainbow Riches slot. It is not too complicated in its format but does add a gamble feature and multiple bonus rounds, including multipliers and a wheel of fortune.

Trivia: To play 20 Clovers Hot Slot for free or real cash is entirely your decision as a player. However, we would like to inform you that this is a straightforward game. It has an average-looking background and could do with improved graphics.

We love this mobile-compatible game because of the medium-high volatility. As this is somewhere in the middle, players are not entirely at risk if they decide to play this game for real money. We didn’t like the fact that the game does not offer free spins. As you might have noticed, the game lacks prominent features. Thus, you should play it if you like games that are easier to play.

(5 Reels, 20 Paylines)

REMEMBER: Most people gamble for fun and enjoyment. Mostly this game is harmless and people come back to their regular activities. However, some people may lead to serious problems.

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