Game Subsidiary Buys Property Next To Casino

A subsidiary of Chicasaw Nation’s casino partner bought 216 more acres near the state’s largest American Indian Game Center.

Mega Bingo Inc.’s third land purchase this year near the Winstar Casino is raising expectations for a gambling resort.

The Chicaso Nation is building a motel next door and has discussed building two larger hotels and a golf course. Robin Elliott, a spokesman for the tribe, said the tribe is still planning for the land and is not ready to make it public.

If you use a golf course or other attractions, Winstar will be the second multi-faceted casino resort in the state.

Cherokee Nation recently opened a resort along Katusa’s Highway 44 that includes a seven-story hotel, golf course and 80,000 square feet of gambling.

Winstar opened in July 2003 with 1,100 electronic gambling machines. The latest addition brings that number to 2,400, far more than other Oklahoma casinos.

A 1,600-seat theater and Italian restaurant are part of the latest addition. Elliott said the tribe recently hired more than 300 new workers for additional gaming space and new amenities.

Tribal officials expect the complex’s total employment to exceed 1,500 people, with annual salaries of over $15 million.

Under federal law, India’s gaming revenues must be disbursed under five general guidelines for funding tribal governments and contributing to other local governments.

Elliott said Chicaso Nation has contributed a lot to its business revenue, with the largest portion of that coming from games.

Organizations that have received at least $10,000 include Love County Ambulance Service, Admore Christian School, Ron Grove Public School, Admore Christian School, and the Admore Anti-Crime Program.

In addition, the tribe plans to build an ambulance annex at the Winstar property to provide casino customers and better emergency access to rural villages along the Love County/Texas border.

Mega Bingo’s parent company, Multimedia Games Inc., financed WinStar’s construction through a contract that guaranteed 80% of the casino game floor space on Multimedia’s electronic machines.

The company leases its machines to casinos and receives a percentage of net wins, which is the amount each machine earns after paying the winner.

Megabingo purchased 216 acres from Joseph and Kelly Neave for nearly $1.4 million on Oct. 21, according to Love County Land Records. The land is near Interstate 35, about 3 miles north of Texas.

According to sources, Joseph Neave is a professional polo player who owns a horse ranch near the casino. A call to his home went unanswered.

Mega Bingo previously purchased 118 acres near Winstar through two purchases from other owners and then delivered each package to the tribe. 슬롯

Elliott said the tribe has not made direct payments for the land, but multimedia games may benefit financially from the tribe’s development contracts with the company.

A multimedia game representative did not respond to several requests for comment.

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