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GemPops is Avatar UX’s new casino slot. Fans of previous Avatar UX games can expect another release with popping symbols and extended reels. However, the usual Poppwins feature, where the winning symbol is replaced by a new symbol at the same location, was replaced by the Poppscade feature, which adds a new symbol above. It makes the gaming experience more like a megawaze mechanic. The new X-Pops feature also shares similarities with Megaways and randomly expands reels on any spin or cascade.

This mission is to collect valuable gems and multiply the wins with reel multipliers that activate each time the reel reaches its maximum height. And don’t forget to find a diamond that can take you with a lucrative free-spin feature.

GemPops is a video slot on Avatar UX that has five reels and can have three to eight rows. Depending on the number of symbols, there are 486 to 65,536 winning ways in each spin. is 0.2 and Max.Bet is 100. The default RTP is 96%, but the developer is releasing it in two other versions, 94% and 90.5%. If you rotate the reel with high volatility, the maximum victory will be capped at 20,000 times the bet.

Don’t miss Popscade, Expops, Reel Multiplier, Antebet, Gamble Wheel, Free Spin, Bonus Purchasing when your jewelry explodes.

GemPops slot information
GemPops takes players to caves or underground mines. It would be a place where you can find valuable jewelry, even though you can’t see it. Purple light covers the wall, and the reel frames it with purple light that looks like neon. At the start of the game, each of the five reels has three rows, but all reels extend up to four rows, allowing you to change the settings of each spin. Like any other game in Avatar UX, the feature extends the reel of every missing winning symbol. It’s called Popscade, and it’s a little different from Poppwins, a common function of developers.

Next to the reel is a counter that tells you how many ways to win each spin, and above it is a reel multiplier that grows when you win. What you need to do to win is start at the first reel on the left or right and then at least 3 lands of the same kind on the adjacent reel. Because you can win from two directions, the winning method doubles compared to other games with the same number of symbols.

The symbols for lower wages are coins of 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A. If you make a best-of-five with them, you’ll get a bet between 0.5 and 0.75 times. The higher-paying symbols are red, orange, purple, green, and blue jewels in different shapes. They will give between 1.25 and 5 times a bet on a victory that includes five symbols. There are no wild symbols that can trigger free spins, but there are spawning symbols. In free spin, it is also a special bomb symbol.

GemPops slot functionality
What is the maximum multiplier of slot GemPops?

You can win up to 20,000x bets.

What features are available in slot GemPops?

Features include Popscade, Expops, Reel Multiplier, Antebet, Gamble Wheel, Free Spin, Bonus Purchase.

Each win, the winning symbol disappears, and for each removed symbol, two new symbols are added from the top. Popscade can extend the reel from the base game to 7 rows and from the free spin to 8 rows. The feature is slightly different from Avatar UX’s PopWins, which adds symbols to the same location as the removed victory symbol.

Each reel can be randomly expanded between columns 1 and 4. The X-Pops feature shares similarities with megawades mechanics who change rows on every spin.

Reel multiplier
Above each reel is a reel multiplier that starts at 1X. Each multiplier is increased by 1 for each victory symbol that appears on the reel. In the base game, each time a reel reaches a maximum height of 7 symbols, its reel multiplier is activated. Multiply all Lille wins by the number.

When the reel reaches 8 columns in the free spin, that multiplier will be added to the global multiplier and used in all future multipliers. If the reel is not extended to its maximum height, the reel multiplier is never activated.

Increasing your standard bet by 25% will activate your Ante bet. Double the probability of triggering a free spin by adding more scattering symbols to the reel.

Gamble Wheel
Landing 3, 4, or 5 Scatter symbols trigger a 5, 8, or 12 free spin with a multiplier of 1X, 3X, or 5X. Landing a 3 or 4 scatter allows you to choose spin gambling for more wins. A successful gamble of 5 spins gives 8, and when there is 8 spins, the wheel is next to it converts to 12. However, if you don’t succeed, you’ll lose all your spins and get back to the default game.

The Gamble Wheel can end with a special golden slice, awarding 12 spins as a 1X multiplier in the first Gamble and 16 spins as a 3X multiplier in the second Gamble. The chance of hitting a golden slice is 1% in both cases, with a total chance of winning 48.7% in the first Gamble and 48.1% in the second Gamble.

Free spin
Free spins start with 5, 8, 12, or 16 free spins, depending on the number of scatter symbols triggering the function and whether the player has obtained additional spins on the Gamble Wheel. The starting multiplier increases with each reel expanding up to 8 rows, and the reel multiplier is added to the total multiplier.

It can also land special bomb symbols that can give up to three additional spins. The symbol extends the landing reel to its maximum height and triggers the corresponding reel multiplier.

Free spin ends when the player runs out of spin.

Bonus Purchase
You can buy five free spins at 75 times the bet with a starting multiplier of 1X. You can also try a Gamble wheel that can try eight free spins for the same cost. If you pay 300X for a bet, you’ll get 12 free spins with 5X multipliers.

GemPops Slot Conclusion
GemPops is another cool game from Avatar UX, where the symbol bursts when you win a cascade, while the reel expands. However, the studio has developed a new mechanism called Popscade, which works slightly differently than regular PopWins. Instead of adding a new symbol at the same location as where the winning symbol is removed, the Popscade will refill the grid from above on a cascading victory. You can expect the reel to increase line by line for every winning symbol until you reach the maximum height of 7 symbols in the base game and 8 in the free spin.

GemPops also has a sweet Reel Multiplier feature that increases by 1 for every victory symbol in the Reel. Each time a reel reaches its maximum height, a multiplier applies to all wins with a victory symbol on the reel. In Free Spins, the reel multiplier is added to the total win multiplier that applies to all wins during the entire function.

Jewelry themes may not be the most innovative move of Avatar UX, and the graphics are not impressive. The setup looks good, but you may wish for more than an empty cave. However, the base RTP of 96% is the slot industry average and even up to 20,000x betting wins are generous.

If you want to check out some games with the PopWins mechanism, I highly recommend Monkey Pop and Pixie Pop. Both games have solid maximum multipliers of 14,240X and 20,000X, and reels that can be extended to rows 7 and 8. Monkey Pop takes you to a quiet place in the countryside, and Pixie Pop introduces a group of fairies to the player.

The GemPops on Avatar UX has a reel multiplier that is activated every time the reel is fully expanded after a winning streak. 온라인카지노

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