Guitarist Kim Jung-bin and firefighter Yoon Joong-heon win three first-cycle titles in ParaAG

By Seol Ha-eun Reporter-Hangzhou Commonwealth Games Foundation = Visually impaired national cycling champion Kim Jung-bin (sport class MB) won a triple gold medal at the Hangzhou 2022 Para Asian Games with his partner Yoon Jung-heon (Jeonbuk Para Cycling Federation).

The pair crossed the finish line first in a time of 1 hour, 35 minutes and 27 seconds in the 69-kilometer individual road race on Sunday in Hangzhou, China, to claim their third gold medal of the Games.

Kim and Yoon won their first gold medals in the 4,000-meter individual pursuit on Nov. 23 and the 18.5-kilometer road race on Nov. 26.

They were all smiles as they combined for their third gold medal in one day.

It is the first time a South Korean athlete has won three titles at the Games.

It’s also the first time a Para-Asian has won three gold medals in cycling.

“Today was my last race, so I rode with all my strength,” Kim said, adding, “I came to the finish line screaming and cried as the time passed by.”

“I thought of my family, my girlfriend, and my guide dog May, who was my eyes,” he said.

“I’m so grateful that you chose me as your pilot and made this an unforgettable experience,” said Yoon Joong-heon, who also helped Kim.

The two athletes ride two-seat bicycles called tandem cycles.

Yoon, who is able-bodied, holds the handlebars in front of his partner, while Kim, who is blind, pedals along behind him.

The pilot sets the pace and provides direction, while the blind athlete provides propulsion. Medals are awarded to both athletes.

The two athletes are a match made in heaven. They are the same age, born side by side in November 1991.

They only met for the first time five months ago, but they have quickly found their rhythm.

Kim and Yoon won the road solo at the ParaCycling Asia Championships in Thailand in June, making it three gold medals at the event.

Both athletes have side characters, or “side characters,” that allow them to be recognized for their other talents while sticking to their day jobs.

Kim is a former guitarist who played in a band, while Yoon is an active firefighter who works for the Namyangju Fire Department.

Yoon has been training and participating in competitions on his off-duty days while also playing for the national team.

How the two athletes met is also special.

As an amateur cyclist, Yoon was introduced to the world of tandem cycling when he saw Park Chan-jong, a fellow cyclist at a club, bounce back after losing a leg in a car accident.

Park, who had his left leg amputated in September last year and turned into a professional athlete with a prosthetic leg, touched the hearts of cyclists with his rehabilitation diary.

“I met Kim Jung-bin through Park Chan-jong’s brother,” said Yoon Jung-heon. “After learning about tandem cycling, I thought, ‘What a beautiful companion,'” he said.

Former guitarist Kim Jung-bin and firefighter Yoon Joong-heon always communicate a lot.

This time was no different.

“Especially on the road, there are a lot of variables,” says Yoon. “There are short corners and deep bends, and sometimes we have to speed downhill or get out of the saddle and pedal uphill together,” he says.

“We talk a lot so that he can perceive it before he feels it,” he explains.

“I can’t see, so I ride while listening to him, and that’s how we synchronize,” Kim said.

After stepping down from the podium, Kim smiled broadly when asked, “Is today the best moment since you started cycling?” “It is today, and it will change again soon,” he said. 슬롯

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