Harrah’s Northern California Announces Weekend Opening

When Harah’s Northern California opens later this spring, a new amusement park will soon open in Amador County. The long-awaited casino property today announced its grand opening weekend, which runs from Friday, May 17 to Sunday, May 19.

Long known for its luxurious collection of vineyards and scenic views, visitors to Amador County will have one more reason to visit the area when Hara’s Northern California greets guests at its 71,000-square-foot casino entertainment destination. Construction of the property began in April 2018. When completed, the casino will include 950 slot machines, 20 table games, one full-service restaurant, and three fast-casual dining concepts. While guests from Hara’s Northern California will be able to enjoy the privilege of partnering with Caesars Records, Caesars Entertainment’s award-winning loyalty program, the real winner to benefit from the casino’s construction will be the Amador County economy.

Several local contractors involved in casino development got jobs, which at its peak boasted more than 100 construction positions filled with local talent, including Ione, Jackson, Plymouth, Valley Springs, Lodi, Stockton, Manteca and Modesto. Additionally, Amador County businesses that are not affiliated with casinos, such as local hotels and restaurants, saw revenue increase due to increased traffic related to the project.

While progress on property construction continues, the team has been working furiously to fill more than 400 full-time roles to support casinos once they open. Positions include table game dealers, slot assistants, security, environmental services technicians, facility maintenance, event and marketing staff, chefs, servers, bartenders, valet assistants, and more. More than 80% of the employees currently employed are from Amador County and nearby counties. In addition, Hara’s Northern California has long-term partnerships with local hotels, winemakers, and growers to highlight the abundance of locally sourced products available to guests at properties.

Besides the positive economic impact of the development on local businesses, casino developers have made significant contributions to community improvement projects, including road improvement, traffic mitigation efforts, and a $100,000 donation for the Amador County School District. Casino donations to communities led by Meuk Indian’s Buena Vista tribe also include strengthening local fire prevention services and increasing emergency healthcare support through the establishment of new stations. By the time Hara’s Northern California opens this spring, more than $20 million will be donated to the community in annual donations for “community projects” exceeding $1 million a year as a result of fire prevention, police, schools, highways and road, emergency healthcare, and casino development. 바카라사이트 추천

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