Pearl River, Mississippi’s First Casino Born into Video Game Gambling

Owned and operated by the Mississippi Band of Choto Indians, Pearl River Resort is excited to add two exciting and groundbreaking games to the Golden Moon Hotel & Casino. GameCo LLC, an innovative gaming tech company, Rigs of the Golden Dragon and Nothing, however, Net 2 is now live, making Pearl River Resort the first casino in the state to introduce video game gambling. These games bring video game fun and interaction to the casino, where the player’s skills are key to winning instead of just opportunities.

“We are excited to be leading the way in showcasing innovative new gaming experiences in our marketplace,” said Sonny Johnson, President and CEO of Pearl River Resorts. “With the recent addition of sports betting, online casinos, and current video game gambling to our gaming product armory, we look forward to providing a comprehensive gaming experience to our existing customers as well as new customers in our millennial segment.”

With the “Golden Dragon,” players will venture out to the dragon’s hideout and go for gold! Players will show three dragon tiles for a chance to earn cash, tokens, or unlock a mini-game with a cash reward. In the mini-game, players’ skills are demonstrated such as avoiding rocks while melting a coin and hitting the dragon by pressing the button. Bonus rounds and progressive jackpots offer two additional ways to win big. Then, get ready to hit the court on the field with a net 2 instead of a no-hitter. The basketball-themed game gives players 15 shots for each round for a big win. Easy to use, and the game is activated by a single button where players make a bet and score to win. Each shot is a new opportunity to earn cash. If a player scores more than 10 shots in a round, they get free spin on the progressive jackpot bonus wheel. 카지노사이트

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