Kang So-hwi, poor performance and quarter performance variables in the second half of the year

The Dodram V-League ended in the 2023-2024 season and the FA free agent market opened. Attention is focusing on the future of Kang So-hwi 27, 180 centimeters, who is considered one of the biggest fish in the league.

The Korea Volleyball Federation KOVO announced the list of 18 FA players 15 from Group A and 3 from Group B for the 2024 women’s team. Kang was listed in Group A, which is worth more than 100 million won 865,052 U.S. dollars per year.

A team that recruits a player from Group A must compensate the original team 200 percent of the player’s annual salary for all seasons, and one player excluding six protected players including FA players for the year, or 300 percent of the annual salary. A player from Group B only has to pay 300 percent of the entire season’s annual salary without compensating a player.

FA negotiations will take place from April 4 to 6 p.m. on April 17. The presentation period for a protected player will be 12 p.m. on April 18, the day after the end of the negotiation period. The original team can choose the compensation method by 6 p.m. on April 21, within three days of the presentation of a protected player.

Kang, who was released as a free agent from GS Caltex, is considered one of the most valuable players in the V-League after Kim Yeon-koung Heungkuk Life Insurance, the empress of volleyball.

Attention is focusing on whether Kim will be able to receive the full compensation cap of 800 million won approx. In last year’s FA contract, Kim Yeon-koung and Park Jung-ah Paper Savings Bank received the compensation cap of 775 million won approx.

In this season, Kang ranked 12th 444 points in scoring and 10th 39.30 percent in overall offense. Notably, in the overall offense category, she recorded the second highest success rate among Korean players, following Kim Yeon-koung 44.98 percent.

He also displayed defensive performance. He ranked eighth overall with 37.02 percent receiving efficiency, and fourth excluding Libero. Digg also ranked ninth 3.297 per set, ranking seventh in defense 5.703 per set.

However, critics say that Kang’s poor performance at the end of the season does not give favorable reviews. Kang scored 56 points in six matches in five rounds, had an attack success rate of 30.69 percent, and 31 points in five matches in six rounds, and had an attack success rate of 29.64. The poor performance of Korean ace Kang, who was ranked third before the All-Star break, has greatly affected GS Caltex’s failure to advance to the spring volleyball tournament.

The performance of Asian quarter players, which was introduced for the first time this season, is also expected to be a variable to Kang’s contract. There have been several successful cases of recruitment of Asian quarter players, including Asia Quarter Wipawi that contributed to Hyundai Engineering & Construction’s winning the championship and Apogit Mega that led Jeong Kwan-jang to the post season for the first time in seven years.

Previously, Asian quarterbacks in the women’s league paid 100,000 U.S. dollars in their first and second years. Starting from the next season, the pay increased slightly to 120,000 dollars in the first year and 150,000 dollars in the second year, but the pay is far lower than the 800 million won cap on FA compensation for women.

Furthermore, the number of Asian quota players has been expanded from four East Asian and six Southeast Asian countries a total of 10 countries to 64 member countries of the Asian Volleyball Federation AVC. An environment has been created in which Kang does not have to be fully qualified to recruit Asian quota players.

Lee So-young Director Jeong and Jeong Ji-yoon Hyundai Engineering & Construction are also classified as big fish players in the FA. Attention is also focusing on the future of the two players.

In this season, Lee lost the entire first round due to shoulder injury. After playing in the court from the second round, Lee recorded 215 points in 26 games and 37.95 percent success rate, which was disappointing compared to his prime time, but he showed good balance in both offense and defense, contributing to his team’s advance to the post season.

However, he failed to play even one post season due to torn ankle ligaments at the end of the regular season. It remains to be seen how the clubs will evaluate Lee’s frequent injury history.

Jung Ji-yoon, who is in his third year since his debut, has obtained his first FA qualification. Although receiving is considered a vulnerability, he is a player with proven attack power. In particular, it is worth expecting a good evaluation as he led the team to the integrated championship this season. 토토사이트

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