14일 정규리그 우승 확정 뒤 트로피를 들어보이는 박지수

Park Ji-soo (25-196 cm) was the centerpiece of Cheongju KB, which clinched the regular season title in the 2023-2024 Women’s Professional Basketball League on Thursday. The South Korean center has played in all 26 regular-season games this season, averaging 20.9 points, 15.7 rebounds, and 1.7 blocked shots per game .He also leads the league in contributions per game with 1,177. With KB’s 24-2 record in the regular season, Park has swept the first through fifth rounds of MVP voting in the journalists’ polls. This was not surprising, as KB always had the best team casinositezone performance in each round, and Park had the best individual performance on the team. In the first round, KB had four wins and one loss, while Asan Woori Bank had five wins, and Park was fourth in scoring (17.4 points) and first in rebounding (16.2), so it was not as dominant as it is now, but it was a relatively close round MVP race, with Park receiving 54 votes and Woori Bank’s Park Ji-hyun receiving 35 votes in the journalists’ poll. Now, if Park wins the MVP of the last six rounds, she will become the first player to win all six rounds. This is also the first time Park has swept the first through fifth round MVP awards in the women’s professional basketball league since its inception in 1998.Park has already won the MVP of this year’s All-Star Game, and the MVP of the regular season was reserved by Park, so if Park takes the MVP of the sixth round of this year’s regular season and the MVP of the championship game, the MVP of the 2023-2024 season will be all hers.

In an interview after the team’s 68-60 victory over Busan BNK at Cheongju Gymnasium in Chungcheongbuk-do on Thursday, Park was asked if he would challenge for the MVP of the sixth round, and he replied, “My first thought is to do my best in every game.” “Even as a student, if I paid attention to such things, I played worse,” he said, adding, “If I’m greedy, I might get a big upset (such as an injury), so I’ll put aside my greed, but I’ll try to do my part.” He expressed his determination for the remaining four games of the regular season. KB head coach Kim Wan-soo revealed that he plans to reduce the playing time of his main players such as Park Ji-soo and Kang Yi-sul in the remaining four games, so it seems unlikely that Park will be able to claim the MVP of the sixth round.” We will do our best to win the remaining games,” Kim Wan-soo said in an interview after winning the regular season title on Thursday, but he drew a line in the sand, saying, “I don’t want to play Park Ji-soo, Kang Yi-seul, and others too much.”

“It would be better to give players who have returned from injuries such as Shim Sung-young and Kim Sodam, as well as backup players, a chance to develop a sense of the game and try out combinations,” he explained. In reality, KB doesn’t have much motivation to go all out for the rest of the regular season .Even though KB is “flying high” with 24 wins and 2 losses, they are not in a position to set a record for the highest winning percentage in history even if they win all their remaining games. In the 2016-2017 season, Woori Bank went 33-2 with a winning percentage of 94.3%, so even if KB finishes the season with a 28-2 record, its winning percentage will be 93.3%.This would give KB the second-best regular season winning percentage in history, behind only Woori Bank in the 2016-2017 season, which was a 35-game regular season. The current second-best regular season winning percentage is 92.5% (37-3) for Shinhan Bank in the 2008-2009 온라인카지노 season, which was a 40-game season.

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