KBO’s decision to shorten the All-Star break has been criticized

The Korean Baseball Organization (KBO)’s decision to shorten the All-Star break has been criticized by three managers born in the 1960s. They complained that the KBO’s decision was unilateral and did not take into account local conditions.

The KBO shortened the All-Star break from one week to four days while organizing the 2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League regular season schedule. It’s a tight schedule, with the first half ending on July 4, followed by the All-Star Game on July 6, and the second half beginning on July 9. Last year, the All-Star Game was held on July 14 and 15, followed by a generous break from July 16 to 20.

This is one of the ways the KBO has tried to make the schedule smoother. The shortened break was chosen to prepare for the Premier 12, an international tournament to be held in November. It also aims to prevent teams from having to play the rest of their schedule at the last minute due to rainouts like last year. The KBO also moved up the start of the season by a week and introduced weekend series doubleheaders.

On the field, there has been strong dissatisfaction with the KBO’s actions.

It started with manager Yoon Kyung-yup, who led the LG Twins to the pennant last year. Before their home game against KIA on April 18, Yoon, who took over as manager of the Nanum All-Star Game, said, “It’s a real race when we start the second half. 안전놀이터 This year, we have only four days between the All-Star break, so we can’t start with fatigue. It will be a big variable. We need to give ourselves a week to regroup and recover from fatigue. We started the season early, we played doubleheaders, and I don’t know why we only have three days,” he said.

“When players are injured, it affects their performance. We have to give our best and play well. It’s not about playing the game,” he said, adding, “It’s also a pressure to be in or out of the All-Star Game. Players don’t get a day off. It’s the big event of the KBO League, and it should be fun because it’s the All-Star Game,” he said.

KT manager Lee Kang-cheol, the head coach of the Dream All-Stars, echoed Yeom’s sentiments.

“I’m trying to select an All-Star team, but the players feel pressure to play. I think it’s because of the short rest days. The players are trying to rest. This is really wrong,” Lee said, adding, “Why play a doubleheader. Why do we have an earlier start to the regular season and a shorter All-Star break. It’s killing the players and the field. This year, they say the summer heat is bad,” he said.

“We’re not the major leagues. We have a system that works here. Before that, we had a thin player base, so we had time to recover (during the break). At the very least, I convinced Jang Sung-woo to take him. “I don’t understand,” he said. “If you give them a week off, they’re ready for the All-Star Game. If you look at the recent All-Star Game, the players have prepared so well that I was surprised. Every time they’ve played, they’ve really delivered an all-star performance. But this year, it’s going to be tough because we don’t have the time,” he added.

“The regular season is important, not the Premier12, that’s an extra game. The baseball season is more important,” he said.

Lotte manager Kim Tae-hyung, who managed the All-Star Game several times in the past as Doosan’s manager, also voiced his frustration.

Kim said, “It’s really frustrating. I’ve managed the All-Star Game about six or seven times, but if I take four days off, I don’t get a starter’s paycheck as an All-Star Game recommendation. Also, the pitchers don’t throw at full strength. If the pitcher throws slowly, the game won’t end,” he said, expressing his disappointment.

Kim, who met with Lee Kang-cheol in Suwon to talk about the All-Star Game, said, “It’s hard to pick a player. Yesterday, I saw him (Lee Kang-cheol) struggling with the selection of players.” “In the end, if the pitchers don’t throw their best, the game will be long. In fact, the All-Star Game requires pitchers to throw their best, which is not easy to do.”

The three managers also took issue with the KBO’s decision-making process. They claimed that the KBO decided on a three-day All-Star break without any prior consultation.

They added that the schedule didn’t take into account local conditions.

“Local teams don’t get a day off when they go on the road,” said Yeom. (It’s actually three days), so the coaches are unhappy. It’s a problem that it was decided without input from the field. I’ve never heard of managers deciding on three days in advance. I’ll collect their opinions and pass them on. I’m going to suggest that we go back to one week next year during the All-Star break,” he said.

“They didn’t talk about shortening the All-Star break at all. I’ve never heard of it, but it’s in the season plan,” he said, adding, “It’s too hard to play a doubleheader when you’ve already pulled the opening game. We need to give them three more days of rest. 슬롯사이트 순위 If you look at other teams, all their starters are injured. A lot of teams are doing bullpen days. If we have a week off, we’ll be a little better.”

Kim also regretted, “The KBO didn’t even tell us (managers). It’s too bad,” he said.

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