Kim Min-jae, is the most popular concern a natural step?

The situation in Bayern Munich is putting Kim Min-jae in a transfer problem.

Spain’s Sport paid attention to Kim Min-jae’s situation on the 20th, saying, “What happens to Bayern’s monster?”

Sport said: ‘Bayern brought in the master class from their contract last summer. They signed Kim Min-jae, the Korean monster who started the Serie A revolution with Napoli. Bayern won the competition with Manchester United, which on contract was a great recruitment in terms of the market and his Serie A performance. Kim Min-jae was the best centre-back who didn’t need any adjustment.’

“His debut season in Germany doesn’t seem as important as in Serie A. His physical wonder, strong and good positioning, and confidence in his pass fit his Bayern plans well. However, Thomas Tuchel is considering Dyer, who he acquired in the winter, ahead of him. Dyer has been the starting center back for the past few games. This was a decision made due to performance reasons, as Kim does not have any physical problems. After all, this is a situation that Kim will not like, which could lead him to seek an early transfer from Bayern,’ he said, explaining that Kim could quickly agonize over a transfer due to his backlog in the starting lineup.

Kim Min-jae is currently sitting on the bench, losing ground in the main competition with Eric Dier. The mood has changed since the Asian Cup. At the time of recruitment, it was thought that it would be fortunate for Dier to play the role of backup for key players including Kim Min-jae. However, he quickly took the starting role based on his performance right after recruitment, and Kim Min-jae is sitting on the bench in recent games.

Sport also emphasized Bayern’s recent interest in recruiting Barcelona center back Ronald Araujo, saying, “In order to bring Araujo, it is only possible if one of the best center backs leaves. Mattias Derricht, Dayot Upamecano, or Kim Min-jae has to leave for a considerable transfer fee to start transfer negotiations,” adding that there is a possibility of selling Kim Min-jae.

As the possibility of Kim Min-jae’s transfer from Bayern continues to emerge, it is Manchester United from the English Premier League (EPL).

The British Tribal Football Association said, “Manchester United and Tottenham are monitoring Kim Min-jae’s situation in Bayern Munich,” adding, “Kim Min-jae is aware of his situation. He has remained on the bench in recent matches. He is not familiar with the situation. Kim Min-jae is showing great interest in England including Manchester United, Tottenham, and Liverpool,” and explained that big EPL clubs are paying attention to Kim’s situation.

Among EPL clubs, Manchester United has the biggest interest. The U.K.’s Stretty News also said, “Manchester United should pay attention to Kim Min-jae while agonizing over the situation at Bayern.” Kim Min-jae received a lot of attention last summer as well. Currently, he is on the bench behind Dyer. This is something he is not familiar with, and Manchester United lacks quality defenders. How about Manchester United knock on the door again? Manchester United should take this situation as an opportunity to contact Kim’s agent and see if he is willing to head to Old Trafford,’ adding that Manchester United could still show interest in recruiting Kim Min-jae.

The U.K.’s “United in Focus” also said, “The star that Manchester United missed failed to acknowledge the shock of going to the bench,” adding, “The U.S. plans to recruit promising players first, but if there is an opportunity, it will not go all-in with top-notch talent. What about Victor Osimhen and his former Napoli teammate, for example? Manchester United already missed Kim Min-jae once. Manchester United had no power to stop Kim from going to Bayern. Now, I wonder if there will be another story to Kim’s story,” adding, “We are paying attention to the possibility of Kim’s transfer after he goes to the bench.”

United In Focus, which predicted that Kim Min-jae’s situation, which was pushed to the bench, would not change immediately, said, “Kim Min-jae may be a temporary starting vacancy, but this change could play a key role, like the same decision Matisse Tel tried to push for a transfer,” predicting that his thoughts on the transfer could change after going to the bench.

He stressed that Manchester United have every reason to recruit him. “Manchester United’s defensive plan seems to be focused on promising players. However, if there is an opportunity to recruit a solid top-quality player like Kim, he may be willing to make an exception to the club’s recruitment policy. In the past, Coach Luciano Spaletti said that Kim is the best center back. He also said that even if his form is temporary as they said, anyone who has seen Kim for years will have no doubt about the permanence of his class,” adding that Manchester United have reason enough to recruit Kim.

Manchester United was already expected to be Kim Min-jae’s most likely destination along with Bayern in the summer of last year. Alfredo Fedula of Sport Italy, a leading Italian reporter, predicted that Kim Min-jae will have talks with Manchester United, higher than his current team Bayern. Some media outlets said, “Manchester United are on the market to recruit a central defender. They have long been interested in Kim Min-jae of Napoli, who has a £45 million buyout clause,” and that Manchester United has been watching Kim Min-jae for a longer time.

However, Manchester United had to invest in recruiting other players in addition to the center back at the time, and eventually gave up Kim Min-jae. Kim Min-jae also came to Korea with an active courtship and took the hand of Bayern, which conducted medical tests. In the end, Manchester United is expected to do its best to recruit Kim Min-jae when he decides to move again this summer.

Last year, he failed to recruit due to Bayern’s active courtship, but if Kim Min-jae continues to step down to the bench this season, he can think about recruiting again. Considering the frequent injuries of Lisandro Martinez and the deterioration of Raphael Varane’s skills, Manchester United also urgently needs to recruit a center back.

For Manchester United as well, Kim Min-jae is an attractive resource. Kim Min-jae was at the core of Bayern’s defense this season. His skills were proven last season. Since joining Napoli, he has been at the center of Bayern’s defense without any special adjustment period. Kim, who left Turkiye Fenerbahce to join Napoli in the run-up to the last season, immediately became the starting center back and played a key role in the championship. He played in 52 games this season, with two goals and two assists, helping Napoli rise to the top of the league for the first time in 33 years since the 1989-1090 season.

Kim was impressed by the performance and performance he displayed for Napoli. When Kim moved to Naples, nobody expected him to emerge as a World Class defender. However, he has proven his value with his skills. At first, it was thought that the recruitment was aimed at filling the void left by Kalidou Koulibaly’s departure for Chelsea, but he won the hearts of Napoli with outstanding performances day after day, and even took the evaluation that he surpassed Koulibaly.

The British media Guardian included Kim Min-jae’s name when selecting the “100 Best Male Soccer Players in the World in 2023.” Kim Min-jae, who is the first to be listed in the Guardian’s 100 Best Soccer Players every year, proved to be a world-class defender, ranking 37th in his first rankings.

Global sports media outlet Sports Kida also picked Kim Min-jae as the top five center backs in the world in 2023. The media outlet said, “Gone are the days when center backs only play defense. In modern soccer, center backs need to participate in build-up games to instill fluidity and creativity in addition to solid defense. Kim Min-jae is contributing greatly in this regard,” and added, “Kim Min-jae played a big role in Napoli’s 33-year Serie A championship. His natural physique, calmness and technique stood out as his strength. When he moved to Munich, he secured a starting member and displayed outstanding performance.”

He was also nominated for the 2023 Ballon d’Or. In September last year, he was honored to be included in the final 30 candidates for the 2023 Ballon d’Or by French football media France Football, which hosts the Ballon d’Or. It is Kim’s first career finalist for the Ballon d’Or, and he is the only Asian player to make the list. France’s L’Equipe introduced the background of Kim’s nomination, saying, “Kim Min-jae was selected as the final 30 candidates for the Ballon d’Or because his athletic ability in the air and first build-up ability made him forget his predecessor Kalidou Coulibaly before joining Bayern Munich this summer.” Since then, Kim Min-jae has ranked 22nd in the Ballon d’Or rankings. As the same defender, Gvardiol, who is included in the final list, has ranked 25th and Diaz is 30th, making him the highest among centerbacks.

Many media are paying attention to Kim Min-jae’s situation, which was pushed back by Dyer, and clubs who wanted him have no choice but to pay attention to Kim Min-jae’s transfer situation. Among them, Manchester United, which wanted to recruit Kim Min-jae and urgently needed defensive reinforcement, is expected to take the lead and look at Kim Min-jae’s situation.

Attention is also expected to be paid to whether Kim Min-jae, who has been pushed from Serie A’s best defender to the Bayern bench, will again choose to take on a new preference with Manchester United’s transfer. 안전 슬롯사이트

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