Lee gets first win as manager

SSG head coach Lee Sung-yong has recorded his first win as a head coach in professional baseball.

SSG won the 2024 KBO League exhibition game against KT 3-0 on Nov. 11 at KT Wiz Park in Suwon, South Korea. It was the first win for Lee, who took over as head coach of SSG this season, after three exhibition games. The team had previously lost two straight to Lotte on Sept. 10 and 11.

SSG starter Elias earned the win with a four-hit, three-strikeout complete game. Kim Kwang-hyun followed with three innings of two-hit, two-strikeout relief. Moon Seung-won pitched the ninth inning to earn the save. Choi Jung-jeong hit the game-winning hit.

SSG’s starting lineup was Choi Ji-hoon, Heredia, Choi Jung, Han Yoo-seom, Ko Myung-joon, Park Sung-han, Jeon Eui-san, Lee Ji-young, and Ahn Sang-hyun. The starting pitcher was Elias. “There is a rain forecast for tomorrow, so Kim Kwang-hyun, who was scheduled to start tomorrow, came out to the bullpen today and threw about 60 pitches,” SSG manager Lee Sung-yong said.

KT’s starting lineup is Kim Min-hyuk 토토사이트 , Kang Baek-ho Rojas, Park Byung-ho (designated hitter), Moon Sang-cheol, Kim Jun-tae, Park Kyung-soo, and Kim Sang-soo. Cuevas is the starting pitcher. The top of the order was sidelined with nagging injuries from a ball hit to the body in the previous game.

SSG’s offense ended with a triple in the top of the first inning.

Choi grounded out to third base and Heredia grounded out to shortstop. Choi ended the inning with a foul fly to first base. Cuevas finished with five pitches.

In the bottom of the second, Park Sung-ki singled up the middle, but Jeon Eui-san grounded out to second base.

SSG took the lead in the third inning. After leadoff hitter Lee Ji-young grounded out to third, Ahn Sang-hyun singled to center. Choi Ji-hoon grounded to the second baseman to load the bases with one out.

Heredia stepped to the plate and Choi stole second. Heredia then drew a walk to put runners on first and second. Choi Jung hit a single to left field to bring home Choi Ji-hoon from second base.

KT was stuck with SSG starter Elias from the first to the fourth inning. Not a single runner reached base. In the first, Kim Min-hyuk grounded out to the first baseman and Kang Baek-ho turned a foul-foul-hustle into a three-pitch strikeout. Rojas flied out to right field.

In the second, Park Byung-ho struck out swinging, Hwang Jae-gyun flied out to shortstop, and Moon Sang-chul was hit by a 126km curveball. It was high and outside, but the ABS called it a strike. Moon shook his head at the strike call.

In the third inning,

Kim Jun-tae grounded out to second base, and Park Kyung-soo and Kim Sang-soo flied out to right field. In the fourth, Kim Min-hyuk grounded out to second base, Kang Baek-ho grounded out to first base, and Rojas grounded out to third base.

In the fifth inning, Hwang Jae-gyun broke up the perfect game with a single to left against reliever Kim Kwang-hyun. With one out, Moon Sang-chul flied out to center field and Kim Jun-tae flied out to left field to end the threat.

SSG’s leadoff hitter Choi Jung-jeong drew a walk in the sixth inning. He was replaced by Oh Tae-gon, a pinch-hitter. Oh then stole second base off Han Yoo-seom. Han Yoo-seom grounded out, putting runners at first and second. Oh Tae-gon tried to steal third base with Go Myung-joon at bat, but was tagged out. With the bases loaded, Go Myung-joon drew a walk, but Park Sung-han flied out to left field.

SSG added another run in the seventh inning against KT’s Moon Yong-ik. Leadoff hitter Jeon Eui-san grounded out to the second baseman, but second baseman Chun Sung-ho raced to first and made a nice catch at the plate. One out later, Lee Ji-young singled to right and Kim Chan-hyung followed with a single to right to put runners on first and third.

Choi Ji-hoon was hit by a wild pitch,

Which allowed Lee Ji-young, the runner at third, to rush home and score. It was 2-0. With runners on first and second, Choi drew a walk to put runners on first and second. He was hit by another wild pitch to advance the runners to second and third.

Heredia hit a grounder in front of the third baseman, who was playing forward defense, and the runner from third was tagged out as he tried to run home. Heredia was replaced at first base by pinch runner Kim Jung-min.

SSG attempted a double steal with runners on first and third when Oh Tae-gon batted. Catcher Kang Hyun-woo’s throw to second base was missed by second baseman Chun Sung-ho, who ran in front of the base to make a jumping catch. The runner from third scored, making the score 3-0. The runs were scored on a wild pitch and a stolen base without a hit.

In the top of the seventh, Kang Baek-ho led off with a single up the middle. He was replaced at first base by pinch-hitter Ahn Chi-young. However, the 3-5 center field lineup was silent against Kim Kwang-hyun. Rojas flied out to left field, and Park Byung-ho was struck out by another Kwang-hyun curveball for the fifth time in the inning. Hwang Jae-gyun grounded out to shortstop on a full count to end the inning.

SSG started the ninth inning with a leadoff single to right off KT pitcher Lee Ji-young.

She was replaced by Choi Kyung-mo as the pinch runner. Choi Kyung-mo stole second base. Kim Chan-hyung grounded out to short, and Choi flied out to center field. With the bases loaded, Kim Jung-min struck out swinging.

SSG starter Elias threw four perfect innings on the day, throwing 43 pitches. He struck out three and walked none. His fastball (26), which topped out at 149 mph, was mixed with a changeup (10), slider (6) and curve (1). Kwang-Hyun Kim pitched after Elias.

Kim threw 50 pitches in three innings, mixing fastballs (21) with sliders (12), changeups (12), and curves (5). His fastball reached 145 mph. Noh pitched one inning of one-hit ball with two strikeouts and no walks before Moon Seung-won came in to close out the ninth.

KT starter Cuevas threw 51 pitches in four innings. 파워볼실시간 He allowed three hits, one walk and one run. His fastball topped out at 150 mph, and he threw 14 fastballs, 16 cutters, 12 two-seamers, a slider (4) and a changeup (4).

Joo Kwon pitched one hitless inning and Sung Jae-heon pitched one hitless inning with two walks and one strikeout. Moon Yong-ik allowed two runs on two hits and one walk with one strikeout. Jeon Jong-ju pitched one inning of one-hit, three-strikeout relief and Lee Sang-dong pitched one inning of one-hit, two-strikeout relief.

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