Who says Tottenham is a failed recruitment restaurant?

Tottenham in the English Premier League (EPL) has recently been famous for its “population failure restaurant.”

It is true that no player has actually succeeded since recruiting Son in 2015. All recruitment has brought up stories of failure. Moussa Sissoko, Lucas Moura, Tanguy Ndombele, Pierre-Emile Hoibier, Giovanni Lo Celso, Ivan Perisic, Hishalisson, Fraser Forster, and Arnaut Danzuma have been disgraced as failures.

However, the recruitment has been remarkably successful in Tottenham’s history ahead of this season. Gary Lineker, the “legend” of English football, is the captain. Who is it? There is James Madison and Mickey van de Pen this season. But neither. Lineker’s best recruitment was decided by manager Enze Postecoglou.

Postecoglou broke up with Celtic in Scotland and took the helm of Tottenham this season. Even though it was his debut season in the EPL, he displayed his strong spirit. He replaced his former coach Antonio Conte’s boring defensive soccer with attractive offensive soccer. He united the team again. The man who appointed Son as captain was also Postecoglou.

Everyone admired Postecoglou’s leadership when Tottenham’s sensational league topped the list at the beginning of the season. Until the 10th round of the league, Tottenham was in first place. It was a Tottenham sensation. Since then, the rankings have been lowered due to injuries to key players, but it is still said to be an attractive team.

Lineker said on a podcast, “Tottenham’s recruitment was sluggish in the past, but now the club is definitely getting the resources they need right. Postecoglou is a really good recruit. It was a short time, but he did a great job. Not just trying to improve the result, but he also showed a completely different way of playing than he did before.”

Lineker then stressed, “Postecoglou has made Tottenham players attractive, aggressive, and enjoyable to play soccer. It is not as easy as it sounds. Postecoglou has developed the team tremendously. It surprised us all when the season started.”

Along with Postecoglou, Tottenham have recently reported exceptional signings. They were Madison and Van de Pen, who signed this season, and Christian Romero, who signed in 2022.

Lineker said, “Tottenham has recruited Madison and Van de Pen over the past year or two, starting with Romero. They bought some really good players. Tottenham had a real chance to qualify for the UEFA Champions League.” 스포츠토토

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