SK-CheongKwanJang clash in EASL semifinals

The match will take place with at least 700 million won.

SK and Chung Kwan-jang will face off in the semifinals of the East Asian Super League EASL at the Hoops Dome in Cebu, the Philippines, on the 8th.

SK and Chung also met at last year’s EASL. Back then, they were in the final round. Chung became the first champion by defeating SK 90-84. SK and Chung finished the EASL with four wins and two losses, ranking first in Group B, and Chung finished the group league with four wins and two losses and the second in Group A.

The winner’s prize money is 1 million U.S. dollars and the runner-up prize money is 500,000 dollars. At least 670 million won 630,000 dollars is required to compete between SK and Chung Kwan-jang in the semifinal. The third-place winner’s prize money is 250,000 dollars.

For reference, KBL’s prize money is 100 million won for the first place in the regular league and 100 million won for the championship game.

SK and Jeonggwanjang clashed in the championship game for the last two consecutive seasons. SK laughed first, and Jeonggwanjang stood at the top last season.

However, the situation has completely changed in the 2023-2024 season. SK ranks fourth with 28 wins and 18 losses amid a series of injuries. On the other hand, Chung has been ranked ninth with 14 wins and 31 losses due to the absence of leading players such as Oh Se-geun SK, Moon Seong-gon kt, Byun Joon-hyung commercial enlistment, and Yang Hee-jong retired. SK has won all five showdowns in the regular season. 토토사이트

SK is happy to see Ahn Young-joon return. After being injured in the match against Hyundai Mobis on January 18, Ahn Young-joon returned through the match against KCC on the 1st. SK lost with only 66 points in Ahn Young-joon’s return match Korea Gas Corporation, but has been on the rise since then, scoring an average of 97.5 points in the two matches.

Kim Sun-hyung did not board the flight to the Philippines. Kim Sun-hyung will return after EASL.

Jeonggwanjang’s lens Abando is back. On December 28 last year, Abando took more than two months off due to a serious back injury in the match against Sono. He stepped on the court through the match against Sono on the 3rd and scored 17 points to take the lead in Chunggwanjang’s escape from the 10th consecutive loss. Another good thing is that the semifinal and final will be held in the Philippines.

Unlike KBL, two foreign players are allowed to play at the same time. This is one of the reasons why Jeonggwanjang, who was lagging behind in the lower ranks of the KBL, was able to advance to the semifinals. SK also increased Leon Williams’ playing time in preparation for the playoff and EASL after the A-match break.

Meanwhile, the final match will take place on Wednesday. The winner of the SK-Jeonggwanchum match will have a showdown between the Chiba Jets Japan and the New Taipei Kings Taiwan. The third-place match will also take place before the final.

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