Less than half a year has passed since the “Hangzhou disaster”

Less than half a year has passed since the Hangzhou disaster. However, the Korea Basketball Association is still drifting away without presenting a proper plan.

The 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games is remembered as the biggest nightmare in the history of Korean basketball. It ended with the most disastrous performance ever, and was covered in scars and arrows of criticism and criticism.

Led by coach Choo Il-seung, the Korean national basketball team ranked seventh at the Hangzhou Asian Games, the worst ever. The team met China in the quarterfinals and was completely defeated by Japan’s 2.5-3 teams.

Since then, the team has fallen to the 7-8th place match, falling behind Iran. The team won a rematch with Japan, saving at least its pride, but its performance at No. 7 has not changed.

Hangzhou Asian Games, which had the highest chance of winning a gold medal at any Asian Games held overseas. In the aftermath of the 2022 FIBA Basketball World Cup in the Philippines-Japan-Indonesia, the difficulty level was so low that Jordan was the only country playing the best. The problem was that the Republic of Korea was even worse prepared.

South Korea already failed to make it to the quarterfinals at the 2022 FIBA Asia Cup. At the Hangzhou Asian Games, the team also lost to a ranking match, not to mention winning a medal, and now it is time for a new start.

However, the association has not taken any stance since the Hangzhou Asian Games. The stance was different from that of the Korea Volleyball Association, which suffered a similar tragedy due to “no medal” for men and women, immediately issued an apology letter containing reform measures.

Half a year, or three months have passed since the “Hangzhou disaster” devastated Korea’s basketball scene. The association still has not come up with proper measures and has made an “obvious choice” of replacing the leader. As there was no clear outcome during coach Choo Il-seung’s coaching period, the change of the leader was a natural trend. However, it seems that he is passing the buck only to him.

There are not a few parts that the association has to solve at the moment. The first is to help the Ahn Jun-ho system settle as soon as possible.

Coach Ahn Joon-ho and coach Seo Dong-cheol have been selected as final candidates and are about to be decided by the board of directors. The problem is that they are still waiting for the board’s decision to be held on the 23rd, which was decided as a final candidate in mid-December.

Coach Ahn Jun-ho stayed away from the field for 12 years after he resigned from the baton of the Samsung Lions in Seoul. Of course, it is hard to accept that the leader of the team has returned after a 12-year hiatus at a time when the team has to open a new era for Korean basketball. Even if he was in close contact with basketball in a different position than the coach, he would naturally express concern. Nevertheless, the association has been neglecting him for more than a month.

An association official said, “It was necessary to adjust the schedule of the presidents of the board of directors. In addition, since this board of directors is a place to settle businesses last year, the schedule has been slightly postponed.”

Ra Gun-ah’s contract is one that must be resolved as quickly as the appointment of an official coach. Ra Gun-ah has a contract with the Korean national team until May this year. In other words, if he participates in the qualifying round for this year’s FIBA Asia Cup 2025, his seven-year career as a national team player will be over from 2018 if he does not propose to renew his contract.

Since Ra Gun-ah, the association has failed to present any plans for a new naturalized player. The special naturalization of Jaryn Stevenson, the son of Moon Tae-jong, is often mentioned, but a more realistic plan is needed. As Korea has complicated naturalization procedures compared to other countries, it needs to establish a new plan and move as fast as possible, but the association has not officially announced any plan.

The extension contract with Ra Gun-ah, which can buy time until finding a new naturalized player, was also not discussed. An official from the association said, “As the national team contract with Ra Gun-ah was carried out with the KBL, we need to talk about it in the future. However, as the KBL executive will change at the end of this season, we will discuss this later than now.”

A naturalized player has become an essential, not an option, in the flow of world basketball. Even China has naturalized Kyle Anderson. If you are thinking of breaking up with Ra Gun-ah, you should find a new naturalized player. However, there is no official position of the association. 스포츠토토

As the national team has no official coach or naturalized player plan, it is hard to expect improvement in treatment of national team players, which has been constantly pointed out. During the qualifying round in February, the match against Thailand will take place in Wonju, but there has been no official announcement on this. There has been no better case for the expression “staging measure.”

KBL is gradually regaining its pre-COVID-19 strength as new stars are born and synergy with existing stars is starting to take effect. Of course, there are many areas to improve and supplement, but they are definitely moving forward. However, there is no way to know what kind of work the association at the highest position has done and what kind of plans it has set.

Has there been no lesson learned since the “Hangzhou disaster”.

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