Manchester United’s Ugly Duck

England’s Jadon Sancho, 24, had a rather humble birthday.

Only one of Manchester United players pressed Like on Sancho’s birthday SNS post.

Here’s the situation. March 25 was Sancho’s birthday. In response, the club uploaded a post saying, Happy birthday Sancho. Sancho currently plays for Dortmund, Germany, but is only on loan. His original team is Manchester United. According to the contract, he should return to Manchester United after the end of this season.

Manchester United were also polite because they are players on their team. Sancho’s birthday post received nearly 660,000 likes.

However, most Manchester United players turned a blind eye to this. Only one player liked Sancho’s birthday post. Manchester United’s youth team player Amir Ibrahimov was the only player who liked it, Sports Bible reported. In January, Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford and defender Aaron Wan-Bissaka clicked like on the post announcing Sancho’s transfer. Now even that has disappeared.

Sancho is an ugly duck to Manchester United. While playing for Manchester United, he had a hard time with Manchester United coach Erik ten Hag. Sancho was evaluated as a World Class player but failed to receive as much playing time as he had expected after moving to Manchester United, expressing public discontent on his social media. Then, it was completely out of his sight. After being disciplined, Sancho was separated from the first-team squad and lived separately. Not only did he not use any of the first-team facilities, but he also reportedly ate with youth players. It was a humiliating situation.

However, it is impossible for a player to confront the coach. Manchester United fans have blasted Sancho. Even Manchester United players seem to have turned their backs on him.

Sancho and Manchester United have a contract term of 2026. However, Dortmund said regarding Sancho, I cannot afford to pay as much transfer fee as Manchester United want. Sancho should return to Manchester United. If he fails to find a new transfer team, he will have no choice but to continue his uncomfortable journey. 토토사이트

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