My first job was as a McDonald’s cleaner

My first job was as a cleaner at McDonald’s.

Even though I didn’t make a lot of money, I worked hard with pride that it was my first job. I haven’t forgotten my first job experience and have lived until now. Of course, I got another job now.

He was born in Stockholm, Sweden. When he was 15 years old, he got his first job. He cleaned at McDonald’s. But he wasn’t originally going to be a cleaner. I suffered setbacks at my first job. I applied for a job making a hamburger, but I didn’t get trust. It was a mess. So I was pushed out to clean. But he stuck with it.

He said, “I worked at McDonald’s. This was my first job. It was my best friend’s father’s shop. But I was dexterous in the kitchen. I love meat, and I learned how to cook by watching YouTube, but people there wouldn’t let me touch the food. So I cleaned up. But it was a great experience. I love everything in my life. I enjoy improving everything.”

He quit fast food restaurants that were not suitable for him. He changed his job to soccer. After moving to IF Bromampoicarna Youth from Sweden and Atalanta Youth from Italy, he finally made the first team. He got his first professional job. He continued his development thereafter. He moved to Juventus, one of the most prestigious in Italy, and after moving to Tottenham Hotspur, he became a star player for his team.

In particular, coach Enze Postecoglou is a big part of his life.

He said, “Postecoglou definitely gets angry. When we judge that we are not playing enough to win the game, we get angry like wildfire. But this anger leads us better. It really works. It’s not a good thing for us that Postecoglou gets angry. The coach is not a parent. You can’t just give us love. Postecoglou’s anger helps us, so I’m not scared.”

In fact, he was offered by Barcelona before he moved to Tottenham. But he chose Tottenham. It was because of Postecoglou.

“I met Postecoglou. It was nice to meet him. He told me the truth. He told me about Tottenham’s competitiveness, its future and my role at Tottenham. It was also my first time playing with a Swedish player,” he remembered.

“Tottenham has changed completely. It was a fantastic change. Now I feel Tottenham is on the right path. I feel like Tottenham is doing the right thing. We are focusing on something better. It is a different idea from last season, a different approach. If you improve every day, and if you try every day, victory will come. It has changed to this positive mindset.”

Finally, he said, “Postecoglou doesn’t point out players’ mistakes. He allows players to express their talents freely. Even when they make mistakes, they repeat the same thing. I love Postecoglou’s philosophy.”

The main character of the story is Tottenham’s flagship winger Dejan Kulusevski. This is what he recently confessed through England’s “The Sun.” 토토

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