Hwang Ui-jo returns to Turkye League after 44 days

Hwang Ui-jo 32, Alanyaspor, who is suspected of illegal filming, returned to his team’s game for the first time in six weeks after controversy.

Alanyaspor, Hwang Ui-jo’s team, beat GaziantepFK 3-0 in the “31st round of the 2023-24 Super League” held at Gaziantep Stadium in Turkiye on Thursday. With 42 points, Alanyaspor is ninth in the league.

While waiting in the bench, Hwang was substituted for Ahmed Hassan in the 35th minute of the second half when his team was leading 3-0, and played on the ground for about 15 minutes. Hwang, who returned after 44 days, failed to post an offensive point.

Hwang made his debut as a substitute in the 24th minute of the second half at the match against Demirspor on June 18. However, he collapsed in just four minutes, grabbing his thigh. It was a recurrence of hamstring injury, which had been a chronic problem. Ultimately, Hwang was substituted again for Hasan, and was not able to play for a while after being diagnosed with the disease for six weeks.

Hwang had many twists and turns recently. As a player who wore a Nottingham uniform in the English Premier League during the 2022-2023 season, Hwang immediately left for Olympiacos in Greece, but his contract was terminated early. Since then, Hwang has been on loan for six months from early last year in the K-League 1 FC Seoul.

Hwang Ui-jo left for Norwich City on loan again, but his loan agreement expired early due to injury and privacy controversies. Returning to Nottingham, he moved to the Turkiye team on loan after not playing a game.

His qualifications for the national team have been suspended. Hwang has been questioned by police several times for his alleged illegal filming of sex relationships. He was banned from leaving the country while under investigation in Korea.

The incident began in June last year when Hwang Ui-jo’s brother-in-law, A, who introduced himself as Hwang Ui-jo’s ex-lover, released a video of Hwang Ui-jo and the victim’s sexual relationship. Since then, Hwang Ui-jo claimed that he was also a threatened victim, saying that the video was leaked through a lost cell phone in Greece.

Hwang Ui-jo was investigated by the police as a suspect in illegal sex shooting. On top of that, A, who revealed his personal life, even shocked him by being found to be his brother-in-law who supported Hwang Ui-jo for a long time. His brother-in-law flatly denied his allegations, but he finally admitted them after a long investigation.

On the 14th, the Seoul Central District Court sentenced Hwang Ui-jo’s brother-in-law, A, to three years in prison on charges of using cameras and other devices under the Sexual Violence Punishment Act. In addition, it ordered the completion of a 40-hour sexual violence treatment program and restrictions on employment at institutions related to children, adolescents and the disabled for three years.

The Korea Football Association also joined the action. Hwang was banned from selecting the national team until he was cleared of illegal filming in November last year due to the action taken by the Korea Football Association. As a result, Hwang failed to be selected for the Asian Cup.

Hwang Ui-jo was also not selected for the two consecutive World Cup qualifiers against Thailand. Instead, Joo Min-kyu, the top scorer in the K League, made headlines as he made his debut as the oldest national team player. Cho Kyu-sung and Joo Min-kyu are playing in Hwang Ui-jo’s absence.

Regardless of the allegations of illegal filming, Hwang has no problem playing for his Turkiye team. However, he needs to be cleared of the charges in order for him to return to the national team. 토토사이트

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