Director Jeon Chang-jin bowed his head on Media Day

There’s a lot of embarrassment.

Jeon Chang-jin, head coach of Busan KCC, lowered his head. It was held at the 2023-24 media day of the Professional Basketball Playoff PO held at the Olympic Parktel Olympia Hall in Seoul on Tuesday. At a time when all the other coaches made determined commitments, Jeon Chang-jin looked particularly dark.

There was a reason. It was because of poor performance and ranking. Even before the opening of this season, KCC was the strongest candidate. At the opening Media Day held at the same venue in October last year, as many as seven out of nine other coaches nominated KCC. With Heo Woong, Lee Seung-hyun, and Ra Gun-ah still alive, Choi Joon-yong and Song Kyo-chang formerly known as Super Team joined, and the team even became the modifier. Jeon also confidently said, We will entertain you amid the cheers of Busan fans.

However, KCC ranked fifth with 30 wins and 24 losses in the regular season. Although its performance and ranking increased compared to last season 30 wins and 24 losses, sixth place, the team fell far short of expectations. I was humbled to rank fifth after mentioning that I would win the championship here before the start of the season, manager Jeon Chang-jin said. I feel ashamed of myself, and I feel sorry for the fans. I have so many embarrassing moments that I have nothing to say about the team.

A fan gave me a small flower at the awards ceremony the previous day. When I asked him if he knew the name of this flower, he said it was a flower called ‘miracle.’ KCC felt heavy at the thought that something would be achieved only when a miracle occurred, he said. It is very unlikely that a team ranked fifth in the regular league will win.

He also added his diagnosis on the performance that fell far short of expectations. It was also an unusual remarks to make at a festival marking the opening of the spring basketball season and at a time when different coaches shouted for victory and final matches. There must be a reason why we ranked fifth, Jeon said. There were injuries and poor teamwork among other reasons. Individual players were also selfish. I also feel responsibility for this year’s performance.

However, it is not a matter of giving up even before the PO begins. Starting with the first round at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 4th, KCC will play in the semi-finals of the three wins out of five games. If it can overcome the past disappointments in the regular league, KCC is still a team that can look up high due to its players’ performance.

Coach Jeon Chang-jin also said, We couldn’t play in the regular league, but we have to change in the PO. If players are selfless rather than selfish, and play with a sense of responsibility rather than complaining, I think we can achieve better results. We will do our best to get good results, and added, The PO for the semifinals should be finished in the third round. That way, we will be able to see the result in the semifinals. This is his campaign pledge to dispel regret from the past regular season as much as possible on the PO stage and aim for a performance beyond the semifinals. 토토사이트

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