Pogba on Prohibited Drugs Makes Film Actor Debut

He is taking on a new challenge as a movie star.

“Paul Pogba (31), who has been banned for four years, will debut as an actor in a new film directed by Fabien Otteningt.”

Pogba was once considered one of the best players in the world. Since moving to Juventus in 2012, he proved his outstanding athletic ability and seamless connectivity, heralding a promising future.

In 2016, he even made a comeback to the Manchester United. Manchester United had high expectations as it invested a whopping 105 million euros (about 153.7 billion won) into his re-enrollment.

Considering the transfer fee, the recruitment effect was disappointing. Pogba failed to continue his upward trajectory at Juventus. With more injuries, his skills gradually declined.

His trip with Manchester United has come to an end. Pogba left Manchester United as a free agent in 2022 and returned to Juventus. He was expected to make a comeback at Juventus, where he enjoyed his prime.

Injuries held Pogba back. Pogba has been suffering from injuries constantly since his return to Juventus. In the last 22/23 season, he played only 10 games.

He even made the worst mistake of taking banned drugs. In February, the Italian Anti-Doping Commission imposed a four-year suspension on Pogba, whose testosterone was detected in a doping test.

The latest episode of Pogba, who left the soccer scene, has been reported in the movie industry. According to the latest report, Pogba has been cast in movies as an educator for promising soccer players and has recently finished filming some scenes.

Pogba received positive reviews. “Pogba surprised everyone with his natural and unskilled performance,” a movie source said in an interview. 토토사이트

“Pogba applied his experience well to acting. I am ready to reproduce more of these experiences,” he said, explaining Pogba’s commitment to acting.

The movie ‘4 Zéros’, in which Pogba plays the role of an educator for promising soccer players, is scheduled to be released in April 2025.

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