Promoting WKBL’s Record Of ‘Excessive and Non-Payment’ That Stains The Player’s Face

Question 1. Goliath Seo Jang-hoon, a star of the Korean professional basketball league, scored 13,231 points in 688 games while playing as an active player. Eleven years have passed since Seo retired in 2013, but he is still an “unparalleled” record. So, how many “win” did Seo grab while he was active.

Question 2. 56 home runs in one season 2003 and 467 in total in the KBO 626 home runs in Korea and Japan. This is the “immortal record” left by Doosan Bears coach Lee Seung-yeop, the “Lion King” who is the best home run king in the Korean pro baseball league. Then, how many wins did Lee achieve while he was active.

There are many different types of questions. What is the number of wins for K-League legend Lee Dong-guk? What is the number of wins for NBA’s “basketball emperor” Michael Jordan? What has Lionel Messi achieved so far? There is only one answer. “Unknown.” This is because this question is not included in the list of statistics that are commonly applied worldwide based on group professional sports such as basketball, soccer, and baseball. Not only does it appear in the first stat, but it is also not included in the second stat that was re-processed. There is no need to argue.

There was a mistake in the question itself in the first place. Victory or defeat in group events was created by the “team.” Thus, stat should be classified as “team record” or “manager record” for general command, and is not recognized as an achievement or record of an individual player. Only professional baseball pitchers recognize a team’s winning or losing record even as individual records. Even then, there are clear criteria by which a team’s record is recognized based on its position such as starting pitcher, pitching, and finishing.

Except in this case, there are no sports or leagues in the world that recognize a team’s winning or losing record even as a personal record. It is nonsense to give accumulated wins and losses to a player who has been a member of a team from the beginning. For example, let’s say there is a basketball player named A who has made his professional debut in his 17th year, and that the result of his 17 years of playing in his team was 300 wins and 150 losses. Can we call this “A player has achieved 300 wins in his career”.

Some of them led the team to victory with tremendous records, and others were criticized as “a factor of defeat” due to poor performance due to injury or poor condition. After all, in basketball, there is no clear reference point for the correlation between individual performance and team victory. This is why there is no “win/loss” in the official individual stat item. For this reason, it is nonsense to attach a multiplier, which is a team stat item, to an individual.

However, the WKBL promotional marketing team has come forward to do something that no league in the world has ever done for some reason. On the 22nd, it released an official press release titled “Woori Bank Kim Dan-bi, challenging to rank No. 1 in the most wins among WKBL players.” It also made the image data plausible.

In summary, Kim Dan-bi has played in a total of 514 games to post 317 wins 197 since his debut in 2007, and if he wins in the match against Shinhan Bank in Incheon on Sunday, he will become the No. 1 player in the WKBL history of most wins, beating Kang Young-sook formerly Woori Bank. Many media outlets reported the news. In fact, Kim Dan-bi contributed to his team’s victory in the match against Shinhan Bank on Sunday, and even won the title of “WKBL player with the most wins” after the match. After the match, he had an emotional interview.

The records that Kim Dan-bi, a legendary WKBL star player and legendary candidate, has accumulated through his ceaseless fighting spirit and passion should be acknowledged and respected. However, should he praise records that are hard to see as his achievements without hesitation? The WKBL PR and marketing team may have wanted to make his career stand out by bringing something new. However, it is just too much to pay. Putting up records that are nowhere else is like tarnishing Kim’s face. 토토사이트 추천

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