Tribeca Tables is Pulling Out of Certain Areas

Online poker solutions company Tribeca Tables Europe, Limited announced the decision to withdraw poker rooms from certain regions, particularly the U.S., Israel and Hong Kong markets, after long-term consultations with gaming lawyers.

Tribeca will try to support the changes, especially for customers facing the U.S., as much as possible. However, with the recent introduction of the Illegal Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in the U.S., and in the same vein as most other responsible networks and poker operators, the company will focus on more non-U.S. territories and new markets.

“We are now launching this policy and will work closely with our customers to make sure that we do as little damage as possible to our customers’ overall business,” said Erik Ahlberg, new president of Tribeca Tables.

Steve Cook, managing director of Europe, added, “The board has taken a considerable amount of time to review all of the options and sought a lot of legal and market advice. Sadly, we have no alternative. We have concluded that it is the best way for the company.”

Tribeca’s brand portfolio still includes many European face-to-face brands such as Sporting Index, Paddy Power, Blue Square and Victor Chandler, with a recent merger with Tane adding and other skins. 슬롯머신사이트

Eric Alberg, president of Tribeca Tables, described player policies in other regions, especially Israel and Hong Kong, as individual operators would continue to make their own decisions about players in those regions in accordance with licensing and company policies.

The company also plans to make further announcements regarding its poker network in due course.

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