Ryu Hyun-jin hasn’t found a new home in the major leagues

It’s mid-February and Ryu Hyun-jin (37) hasn’t found a new home in the major leagues. The Eagles are eagerly awaiting the return of their former teammate, as are many of the players who are close to him.

Hanwha head coach Choi Won-ho has finalized his starting lineup for the new season at spring training in Melbourne, Australia. He has re-signed the Felix Peña-Ricardo Sanchez one-two punch alongside new ace Moon Dong-ju to form the third lineup, while Kim Min-woo, Lee Tae-yang, Kim Ki-jung and rookie Hwang Jun-seo are auditioning for the fourth and fifth spots. The plan is to find the final two spots through spring camps and exhibition games in Melbourne, Australia, and Okinawa, Japan.

However, there is still room for the rotation to change. The plans for the new season could be completely altered by the decision of “Ace No. 99” Ryu Hyun-jin, who is eligible for free agency in Major League Baseball. If Ryu makes a U-turn, 안전놀이터 Hanwha could have one of the strongest starting rotations in the league, including the super ace they’ve been looking for. Hanwha’s opening game opponent is the LG Twins, and with Ryu as their starter, they could face last year’s champions.

The start of the Major League Baseball season is about a month away, but Ryu is still “unsigned.

Since last month, he has been linked to several teams, including the San Diego Padres, Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, and San Francisco Giants. However, Jim Bowden, a former manager of the Cincinnati Reds and Washington Nationals, recently offered a realistic view, saying that Ryu should sign a one-year contract due to his injury risk.

The Hanwha players are just as anxious to keep Ryu as he is. “I’ll retire with Hanwha,” Ryu’s promise keeps running through their minds, and they are anxiously awaiting the return of the No. 99 ace.

“When (Ryu) comes back, it helps me a lot,” said Moon Dong-ju in Melbourne. “There’s a story that it takes three years to recite the wind chimes, and if I get to see Hyun-jin do it, it will help me tremendously,” he said, expressing his excitement.

Lee Jae-won, Ryu’s teammate

is also looking forward to the day when he will be able to catch up with his hometown friend in the new nest. “I think it would be great to have (Ryu) Hyun-jin here. It’s a huge plus that he’s coming to our team. I’m looking forward to it.” “The catcher is the base, and I think the beasts behind him will also get a big boost. It will be synergistic. We’ll be waiting and ready whenever it is,” he said.

“I’ve known Hyun-jin Ryu since elementary school. His pitching form has been beautiful since the fourth grade. His balance is the same. His form hasn’t changed at all,” he said, adding, “But Hyun-jin hasn’t hit the ball. We played on the varsity team in high school, and that was it,” he said, recalling his memories with Ryu.

Lee Tae-yang, who trained with Ryu in Okinawa, Japan, in January, felt the same way. “(Ryu) told me that he used to watch our games all the time,” he said, adding, “He’s not the type of person who shows his true feelings, which is why he’s so good at baseball. You don’t see it at all. Whatever he chooses to do, we support him. We believe he will make a good choice.”

For now, the manager plans to run the Melbourne and Okinawa spring training camps with Ryu’s return in mind. The default plan is for the 2024 season without Ryu, 카지노사이트 추천 but Choi also envisions a scenario in which Ryu returns. “I can’t stop looking forward to Ryu until I hear the news of the American contract. We will make a strategy with and without him,” Choi said.

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