Scientific Games Launches New Technology for Arkansas Scholarship Lottery

Scientific Games has developed a new mobile app for the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, providing more convenience for players in the state when they connect to the lottery, game and player loyalty program The Club. Now available through the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, the new AR Lottery + Club app features biometric logins, new navigation, and user-friendly designs.

“The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery wanted to give our players a modern experience and an opportunity to connect conveniently and easily to our games and loyalty clubs on mobile devices,” said Mike Smith, director of the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Gaming. “With the new app, players can easily check tickets with ticket checkers and create digital play slips with the convenience of their phones.”

Biometric login allows players to easily access club accounts through new apps. All of the app’s new ticket checkers allow players to quickly determine if their tickets have been won. Players can also use the app to create a digital play slip that allows them to save lucky numbers and play game options, and then quickly purchase games by scanning QR codes at an Arkansas Scholarship Lottery retailer. 슬롯

Like previous versions of the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery app, players can connect to The Club to enter unwinning instant tickets into Play It Again drawings and other special secondary promotions. You can also enter eligible instant tickets and device-generated tickets to earn points for prizes that can be redeemed in your online store.

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Mobile App Available to Players From 2015
The modernized and enhanced features of the new app give players much more convenience and connectivity.

“We are leveraging our core strength and leadership in instant scratch games across all areas of innovation, including digital,” said Amy Bergette, Senior Vice President of Digital Solutions for Scientific Games. “Through continuous investment in our loyalty solution for lotteries, Scientific Games has further evolved our program by offering an upgraded, modern and native mobile app that makes it easier for players to enjoy programs like The Club in Arkansas. We look forward to players downloading the new app for an enhanced experience and connection to the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery’s games and brand.”

In 2009, Scientific Games and Arkansas Scholarship Lottery began their first lottery loyalty
Program in the United States Today, Lotto’s loyalty program is one of the most successful programs in the industry, with more than 101.5 million tickets entered the program since its inception. The program awarded more than 1.2 billion points to players to redeem points for the prize on Scientific Games’ online store.

In addition to mobile apps and loyalty programs, the company offers instant and instant game management to Arkansas Scholarship Lottery through the Scientific Games Enhanced Partnership program, license attributes and customer relationship management program.

Scientific Games offers 130 retail and digital games, technology, analytics and services
Lottery in 50 countries, including almost all North American lotteries.

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