Son Heung-min’s best friend at one time

Will Manchester United’s Christian Eriksen (32) head to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabian clubs are keeping an eye on Eriksen’s situation.

Eriksen’s contract ends in June 2025. Instead of losing him to a free agent, Manchester United will be able to recover his transfer fee through a sale after the end of this season, he added.

According to U.K. media outlet Football Insider, Eriksen expressed dissatisfaction with the recent reduced playing time. This season, Eriksen lost out to Scott McTominay and Kobe Mainu.

Saudi Arabian clubs can recruit Eriksen this summer. No specific team has been mentioned, but one of the PIF-funded teams can recruit him, the media said.

Eriksen, who played for Ajax, displayed outstanding performances as soon as he joined Tottenham in 2013, making his name widely known. He has been reborn as a playmaker who deploys Tottenham’s offense based on his sharp kicks and accurate pass capabilities. Eriksen also established the so-called DESK line with Son Heung-min, Harry Kane, and Dele Alli.

Later, Eriksen left Tottenham Hotspur he grew attached to in 2020 and joined Inter Milan. However, he encountered a serious accident during this period. Eriksen played in the 2021 UEFA Euro 2020 as a Danish player. However, he collapsed on the ground due to cardiac arrest during a match against Finland. It was an incident that shocked the entire world beyond Europe.

After some time, Eriksen got back up and hit the ground running. He played for Brentford for half a season starting in 2022. Despite a major accident, the class remained. Eriksen has been wearing United’s uniform since the 2022-23 season.

His presence was significant in the first season as he played 44 matches. However, this is not the case this season. He has only one goal and two assists in a total of 21 matches. Of the 16 matches played in the Premier League, only nine matches have been started. His position in the team has decreased to the extent that he played only one match in seven matches from the 22nd round of the Premier League.

Eriksen wants to play more. It seems difficult to secure a place at Manchester United. Manchester United signed Eriksen on a free agent. It seems likely that he will withdraw his transfer fee as he leaves this summer. 안전놀이터

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