South Korea Overwhelmed France

It is Byun Sung-hwan, who never backed down despite the pressure given by the modifier “the favorite” and humid weather.

South Korea’s U-17 national soccer team, led by head coach Byun Sung-hwan, lost 0-1 to France in the second Group E match of the FIFA 2023 Indonesia U-17 World Cup at the National Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia, on the afternoon of the 15th.

France, the “nominee to win,” scored the first goal in the second minute of the first half. In the corner kick, he used anomalous tactics to choose a pass instead of a cross, and Amugu from outside the box cut the net with a powerful shot. The ball was sucked into a corner that Hong Sung-min could not handle.

South Korea showed their fighting spirit throughout the game, although they conceded the first goal. In the 20th minute of the first half, Baek In-woo took over the long pass from the right. Two French defenders immediately joined, but they did not give up and used active physical fight to protect the ball. He then tried to cross, but was blocked by the opponent’s defense.

In the second half, South Korea firmly took control of the game and operated game. He has increased ball possession by playing one more step than French players who are physically tired in humid weather. Instead of taking a lot of activity, France aimed for a counterattack.

Leading the game, South Korea created a decisive opportunity in the 13th minute. Jin Tae-ho volleyed a cross from the right. Sadly, the ball hit the post. If it went in, it was a good scene that could be described as a ‘fantastic score’.

He continued to take the initiative, but lacked one detail. I was not able to create a clear opportunity, so I swallowed my disappointment. Even in humid weather, he showed an undaunted play against the favorite, but he lacked only one shot. It was a memorable game for the national team in many ways. 먹튀검증

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