35 Billion Annual Salaries, Kane laughs

The secret clause between Harry Kane and Bayern Munich has been revealed.

There was an incentive to sign Kane and Munich. More than is known, Kane can touch a lot of money.

German media “Bild Sports” said on the 15th, “The special clause behind Kane’s contract with Munich was revealed. The more goals and help Kane has scored, the more he can receive a separate incentive, the more he has inserted into the contract. At the current scoring rate, you’ll get a lot of money after the end of the season. Bonus conditions are not difficult for Kane. Soon Kane will have to go to a nearby bank for a large deposit,” he said.

Last summer Kane wore a Munich uniform. Since 2004, when he was a youth, he has played only for Tottenham and decided to win. He asked for a transfer with one year left before the end of his contract with Tottenham.

Kane is already a legend at Tottenham. He played 430 games and scored 278 goals. He is the most prolific scorer in Tottenham’s club history. Son Heung-min and Son Heung-min even set a joint record for the most goals scored in Premier League history. He was Tottenham’s leading star and the Premier League’s top goal scorer.

Munich spent the highest transfer fee ever for Kane. He paid 1104 million (약167 billion) to Tottenham to sign Kane.

Kane’s weekly salary is also £400,000 (about 650 million won). The annual salary totaled 21.4 million pounds (about 35 billion won). The contract runs through 2027.

That’s not all. If you score more than 40 points in attack in a single season, you will get a bonus. The amount is 220,000 pounds (about 360 million won).

Kane has scored a total of 21 goals and seven assists in all competitions this season. In terms of attack points, it is 28 points. Even though it is early in the season, more than half of the bonus conditions have already been met.

So far, Munich’s recruitment of Kane has been successful. He scored four goals in the UEFA Champions League and is the top scorer in the German Bundesliga alone with 17 goals in 11 games. Some analysts say that such a scoring rate could exceed 41 goals, the most goals scored in a single season in the German Bundesliga set by Munich striker Robert Lewandowski in the past. Munich is currently ranked first in the German Bundesliga and is close to winning for 12 consecutive seasons. 스포츠토토

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