Spring Volleyball Season for the first time in 7 years

We continue to walk together..

We have renewed our contract with Coach Ko Hee-jin. The contract period is 2+1 years, up to 2027, Jeong Kwan-jang, a women’s professional volleyball player, said on Sunday.

Coach Ko Hee-jin, who took office in April 2022, ranked fourth in the regular league with 19 wins and 17 losses in his first year, but unfortunately, the semi-playoff was canceled by a point difference and the season ended. In this season, the second year, he was evaluated for his hot attack volleyball performance by choosing bold challenges that broke the existing framework, such as selecting Megawatti Puttywi registered name Mega as an apogit spiker and outside heater Giovanna Milana registered name Jia as a foreign player through the newly introduced Asian quarter system.

It also transformed the team into a strong and strong team under a guiding philosophy that emphasized the three elements of physical strength, skill, and mind, and came to fruition as the third-place team in the regular league with 20 wins and 16 losses. In the subsequent postseason stage, he was unfortunately eliminated after a match that went to the third round with Heungkuk Life Insurance, ranking second in the playoffs, promising to be next.

Coach Ko Hee-jin, who succeeded in extending the contract, said, Once again, I would like to thank the club for trusting and entrusting me, adding, I will do my best with the players to create a cooler and stronger team in the future. 안전놀이터 추천

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