The voice on the other end of the line was filled with disappointment and anger

The voice on the other end of the line was filled with disappointment and anger.

A senior executive of an independent baseball team is under fire for allegedly using his friendship with a current professional manager to bribe players to join a KBO League team. A KBO official said on December 12, “A report was filed online with the Clean Baseball Center in December last year. As a result of inquiries with the relevant clubs, we received an answer that there was no relationship at all.” “The complainant requested an additional police investigation, and we are currently in the process of investigating and monitoring the situation.”

A senior executive of an independent team, Mr. A, reportedly contacted the parents of Mr. B, who was planning to quit baseball in the summer of 2022, and asked for tens of millions of won, saying that he would join his son as a developmental player in a KBO League team. In the process, he also emphasized the possibility of enrollment by citing his familiarity with the current manager of the professional team, Coach C. In response, 바카라사이트 Mr. B’s parents deposited money with Mr. A on three occasions, but his promise to join a professional team never materialized. Mr. B eventually quit playing baseball and his parents demanded a refund, but Mr. A did not respond, leading to the filing of a lawsuit. The independent team fired Mr. A late last year after learning of the complaint.

According to Mr. B’s allegations

Mr. A allegedly told him that his parents had given the money to Coach C, who in turn gave it to Mr. B’s parents. Some in the baseball world even said that Coach C personally observed the tryouts.

The professional team, which received a Clean Baseball investigation after receiving the report, expressed disbelief. An official from the club said, “It is true that someone close to A is close to the manager. However, there was no contact between A and the manager over the matter, and he never went to the tryout.”

Coach C was also surprised. In a phone conversation with Sports Chosun, he said, “There is no such thing,” when asked about the transfer of money from A or participation in the tryout. It’s a big deal,” he said. He continued, “I heard the news. If I did it myself and went to the tryout, the story would have come out somehow in the world these days. 토토사이트 추천 How can I go to the tryout during the season?” He was stunned. “It seems that (Mr. A) has been talking about my name and the club for a long time to several people (not just Mr. B). He even told his parents, ‘I’m going to meet the manager.'” “When the Clean Baseball Center contacted me, I was devastated. I couldn’t say anything… I’m so upset.” He expressed his anger.

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