Tottenham lose 4th straight + still 7 points clear of fourth-place Villa

Tottenham’s tickets to the UEFA Champions League are getting farther and farther away. They must take advantage of one remaining opportunity.

Tottenham lost 2-4 in Liverpool’s 36th round of the 2023-24 Premier League at Anfield in Liverpool, England, on the 6th.

Tottenham remained in fifth place with 18 wins, six draws and 11 losses 60 points. In order to advance to the Champions League next season, Tottenham still has to finish in the top four, and is seven points shorter than Aston Villa 67 points.

Before the game, Tottenham had a chance with Villa losing 0-1 to Brighton & Hove Albion. Tottenham could have ignited the competition for fourth place if they beat Liverpool while playing one game less than Villa.

However, they were swayed by Liverpool throughout the game, losing points to Mohamed Salah, Andrew Robertson, Cody Hakpo and Harvey Aliot in succession, and in the middle of the second half, Hishalisson and Son Heung-min scored back-to-back goals, but failed to win a point.

This is the worst case scenario. After losing 0-4 to Newcastle United last month, the team fell to its knees by Arsenal 2-3, Chelsea 0-2 and Liverpool 2-4, and now it is difficult for the team to advance on its own after dominating the race for fourth place.

Tottenham, which was unbeaten in 10 league games under Enze Postecoglou at the beginning of the league, recorded one draw and four losses in five games against Chelsea, Wolverhampton, Villa, Manchester City and West Ham United from early November to early December last year.

Since then, it seemed to rebound again, but it has been shaken by a series of injuries and sluggishness of players at the end of the season and a series of losses due to coach Postecoglou’s poor tactical choice.

There is still a chance to recapture fourth place, but it is impossible on its own. If Tottenham and Villa win all the remaining games, Tottenham has 69 points and Villa have 73 points. In the rest of the schedule, Tottenham must record three wins or more than two wins and one draw without defeat.

If Tottenham wins the game, Villa have two draws, or Tottenham has two wins and one draw, and Villa have two losses, the difference must be determined. Currently, Villa have a nine-goal gap of 20 and Tottenham 11. 스포츠중계

Therefore, Tottenham continues its unbeaten streak with more than two wins and one draw in the remaining three games, but hopes Villa will lose both of the remaining games.

Tottenham, which was lagging behind in the competition for fourth place, has become more important in its home game against Burnley on the 11th. It should break its losing streak and announce its victory in five games. If it leads to multiple points, it can further boost hope for fourth place.

If they win against Burnley, Tottenham will have to wait for the result of the match between Villa and Liverpool on the 14th.

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