Track and Field Coach Ordered ‘Forcibly Leave the Country’

Belarusian track and field coach who ordered athlete to ‘forcibly leave the country’ suspended for 5 years

Coach Moisevic disciplined for threatening Tsimanoskaya at the Tokyo Olympics

Belarusian track and field coach Yuri Moisevich (69), who ordered Krystsina Tsimanouskaya (27)

to leave the country during the Tokyo Olympics, has been banned for five years.

The Athlete’s Ethics Committee (AIU), an independent body of the World Association of Athletics Federations,

said on the 28th (Korean time), “Moisevic’s actions are an insult to the dignity of athletes and an abuse of power. 파워볼

He is also accused of providing false information during the athlete’s departure from the Olympic village,” he said.

Moisevic’s coaching qualifications will be suspended until February 2029.

Tsimanouskaya will represent Belarus in athletics in Tokyo in 2021.

She participated in the Olympics, but instead of returning to Belarus, she chose to go into exile in Poland.

It all started when coach Moisevic instructed Tsimanouskaya,

whose main event was the 100m and 200m, to “compete in the 1,600m relay.”

In response, Tsimanouskaya posted a post on social media (SNS) criticizing officials of the Belarusian track and field team.

After checking the post, Coach Moisevic ordered Tsimanouskaya to ‘forced departure’.

“Everything was decided suddenly,” Tsimanouskaya said.

“I left the athletes’ village 40 minutes after being told to return to Belarus,” she recalled.

She had already received a message from her grandmother in Belarus telling her to “never return here.”

Tsimanouskaya was at Haneda Airport in Japan.

After arriving, I showed my wits.

There was a Belarusian official right next to me,

but I asked the Japanese police at the airport to ‘let me get away from them’ using a mobile phone translator.

With the help of Japanese police, Tsimanouskaya arrived in Poland via Vienna, Austria.

Currently, Tsimanouskaya is representing Poland in international competitions.

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